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Infrared Sensor Adjustable Switch 3 - 80cm

Infrared Sensor Adjustable Switch 3 - 80cm - The Infrared Sensor Adjustable Switch 3 - 80cm is an infrared distance switch that is also known as its product name: E18-D80NK. Its detection range 3-80 cm can be adjusted using a built-in potentiometer. The device works by constantly sending a HIGH signal when no obstacle is detected and a LOW signal when an obstacle is detected in its direction. Additionally, there's a built-in LED indicator that lights up when an obstacle is found.

Frequently asked questions about Infrared Sensor Adjustable Switch 3 - 80cm

Q1: How do infrared sensors work?

A particular class of motion sensors that makes use of infrared radiation is infrared sensors. This device's primary application is in physical security, specifically intrusion detection. Active and passive infrared sensors are the two types of infrared detectors, with the latter being favored in terms of physical security.

We will get into how these sensors operate, the best use cases, and how to pick the best-infrared sensor for your house or company in the following paragraphs.

Q2: How do Infrared Sensors Work?

As was already mentioned, infrared sensors need infrared radiation to function. How well a sensor works relies on whether it is active or passive (PIR).

Radar technology is used by active infrared sensors, which both produce and absorb infrared radiation. When this radiation strikes nearby objects, it reflects to the device's receiver. With the help of this technology, the sensor can determine how far an object is from the device as well as detect movement in the surrounding area. This helps robots sense their surroundings and determine proximity.

Passive infrared sensors (PIR sensors), however, are unquestionably more common for the physical security use case. The PIR sensors merely pick up the radiation that the neighboring objects are naturally producing; they do not emit any radiation themselves. When there is an anomaly in the infrared waves detected in the room, the passive infrared sensors set off the alarm. This is how they work fundamentally. This occurs, for instance, if a warm item (such as an intruder) moves in front of the device's signal.

Q3: Are infrared sensors secured?

For cameras and motion detection, home security systems commonly use IR sensors. Due to the safety, dependability, and affordability of IR technology, IR detection devices have a reputation for being reliable, dependable, and cost-effective.

Q4: Can an IR sensor identify inanimate objects?

Almost any temperature difference can be calibrated into an IR sensor. So, yes, it is capable of detecting inanimate objects.


  • Power Supply: 5V
  • Working Current: <100mA
  • Adjustable detection range: 3cm - 80cm
  • Pin description:
  • Red - 5V
  • Green - GND
  • Yellow - Digital output
  • Digital output:
  • "0" - found barrier (~0V)
  • "1" - no barrier (~4V)
  • Dimension: 45x18mm

Library: None

Inclusions: 1 x Infrared Sensor Adjustable Switch 3 - 80cm


Infrared Sensor Adjustable Switch 3 - 80cm

Infrared Sensor Adjustable Switch 3 - 80cm

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