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Actuator Acrylic Tube Kit

This lightweight tubular actuator produces motion in a straight line with hundreds of possible applications. These produce great pushing power from a 5 volt power supply or battery source.
Unlike fast moving pneumatic cylinders, these are slow moving precision position for mechanisms,robotics and small machines. With a stroke of about 7 centimeters, these units are ideal for pushing levers in arms, legs or other torque required environments. Because they are made from thick transparent acrylic plastics, all the moving parts can be seen in motion, and are therefore useful as a learning tool. Kits contains all aprts needed to build a fully functioning unit and mounting bracket. Optional components not included are an encoder wheel and sensor to track its position. This kit can aslo make use of either the 1:48 or 1:120 ratio gear motors.
This is a skill level 5 kit (on a scale from 1 being easy and 10 being difficult), if you want to add the encoder and the counter, please see Photo Electric Counter.
Package list
  • O.D. 25mm I.D 19mm X 95mm long Acrylic tube x1
  • O.D. 10mm I.D 6mm X 80mm long O.D. 10mm I.D 6mm X 80mm long
  • M4 nut x1
  • M4 threaded rod 98mm x1
  • Coupling tube-flexible x1
  • 50mm length M3 pan head screw x2
  • M3 nuts x2
  • Micro-Speed Motor x1
  • 14 acrylic parts

Actuator Acrylic Tube Kit

Actuator Acrylic Tube Kit

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