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AC / DC 12V 2A Power Adapter

AC / DC 12V 2A Power Adapter -  This AC / DC 12V 2A Power Adapter is a very safe adapter that has to overheat and short-circuit protected. The adapter comes in a portable physique and lightweight approach. You will get excellent quality with an incredible set of features, including protection against short circuits, over current protection, and overvoltage It is compact and easy to transport during travel. The input power is worldwide acceptable by having an input voltage of 100VAC to 240VAC.

Further, a DC power supply integration is an electronic circuit that is capable of converting electric power into an electrical load. Basically, the power adapter comprises a rectifier, transformer, regulator circuits, and filter, etc. It is produced to convert an AC voltage into DC voltage. The prime agenda of the integration is to convert electric current into the correct voltage, frequency and current to empower the load.
Power supplies used in the conversion are also termed electric power converters. Some of them are a separate set of equipment, whilst other parameters are built into the load equipment that they used to power. Moreover, power supplies are further classified in multiple ways in terms of functional features.

For instance, we can assume a regulated power supply as a system that maintains constant output voltage (current) instead of fluctuations in load current (input voltage). On the other hand, an unregulated power supply can alter accordingly as per the changes in input voltage (load current).

People Also ASK:

Q1: Are charger or an AC adapter same?

Most of the time, sure. Converting mains electricity for electrical devices with rechargeable batteries from AC to DC is the main purpose of AC adapters.

Q2: Can I Use a Lower Amp Power Supply Unit?

The amount of power in a current is expressed in amperes, or amps (A), and the amperage is the total number of amps being used at any given time. Your actions will cause the device to which your adapter is connected to draw different amounts of electricity. Volts are the units used to measure a currency's strength.
When utilizing a charger or AC/DC adapter, make sure it can deliver at least the quantity needed by the device. For instance, if the item requires 4.5A to function, a 6A charger will comfortably provide this, operating coolly and charging well. However, if charged at 4.5A, an adaptor made for 4A may overheat and become dangerous.

Q3: How to Verify the AC Adapter's Polarity?

The current's polarity determines which way it flows. The flow typically moves from the (+) positive to the (-) negative pole. Make sure the adapter you choose is suitable for the equipment. Consideration must be given to polarity. To avoid harm, the adapter's negative connector should not be connected to a positive port.

An AC adapter's shell will show the polarity of the device. This diagram might also be displayed. The polarity of the adapter is indicated by the plus or minus symbol on the right.

Q4: A 12V DC Power Supply: What Is It?

An adapter made to provide precisely 12 Volts of dc supply to a device is known as a 12V DC power supply. The provided voltage must exactly match the specifications of the machinery.

Q5: Is it possible to Charge a 5V 1A Device with a 5V 2A Charger?

Yes. In terms of amperage, AC adapters are downwardly compatible. With a 5-Volt 1-amp gadget, a 5-Volt 2-amp charge will operate without any issues.

Q6: Are AC and DC Adapters the Same Thing?

Although these two names are frequently used interchangeably, they relate to two different machines. A DC adapter changes alternating current into direct current, whereas an AC adapter changes alternating current from one voltage to another. The phrase "AC adapter" is frequently used to describe DC adapters due to the latter's greater usage.

AC/DC 12V 2A Power Adapter – Features

  • The adapter is quite easy to use.
  • It ties a long wire for more convenience.
  • The power adapter provides a wide input voltage range.
  • Further, the integration entails a soft start &low inrush current parameters.
  • It ensures the device’s safety with low ripple and noise output specifications.
  • The durable product also brings warranty assurance.
  • Good quality (SMPS-based)
  • Single output voltage
  • No minimum load
  • It is a regulated Center Positive Power supply.
  • It has low no-load power consumption.
  • The adapter gets features like thermal shut down as well as auto-restart on cold conditions.
  • Incredible low Fault Rates
  • The highest temperature for resistance is up to 60-degree Celsius.
  • Moreover, it is highly compact, efficient, and durable.


  • 100VAC up to 240VAC input
  • 50~60Hz is the Rated Frequency
  • 12V Output voltage
  • 2A is Max Output Current
  • US Standard

  • 1x AC/DC Power Adapter 12V 2A

AC / DC 12V 2A Power Adapter

AC / DC 12V 2A Power Adapter

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