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AC / DC 9V 2A Power Adapter with Cable

AC / DC 9V 2A Power Adapter with Cable - This is a high-quality AC/DC adapter, it has over hot protection and short circuit protection. It is light and easy to carry while traveling. The input voltage range from AC110V to AC240V, makes this module can be used around the world.



  • Input voltage: 110~240V AC
  • Rated Frequency: 50~60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 9V
  • Max Output Current: 2A
  • Adapter Standard: US Standard

AC 9A DC 2A Power Adapter with Cable – Description

Here’s the most innovative power adapter designed to cater to the versatile needs of users. It is multipurpose equipment that comes with 9 voltage 2 amps power supply capacities and a 5.5mm DC Plug Adapter. It is a 2-pin EU plug-type adapter that also tags a cable approximately 1.1 meters long.
The most promising and fascinating part is that it can overcome all kinds of power requirements. The power adapter is efficient to power tablets, notebooks, PCs, and other electronic devices. The equipment adopts spellbinding quality and durability as well as around a 6-month warranty.
Furthermore, the AC and DC Power Adapter features a 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm male plug and a long cable. The device works impressively for any equipment having DC/AC 9V/2A power supply. You can use the power adaptor to charge the projects such as Arduino board and so on. The US Standard power adaptor’s rated frequency is 50-60Hz.
Since the adapter is capable of handling up to 2A current, it is compatible with numerous gadgets and devices. You can use the adaptor for CCTV cameras, toy cars, modems, routers, cordless phones, wireless devices, set-top boxes, and POS machines, etc. Ultimately, the AC/DC Power Adapter is all set to eradicate your worries regarding multiple charging issues for different products.

Features of the AC/DC 9V/2A Power Adapter with Cable

The AC/DC 9V 2A Power Adapter reflects tons of features and specifications. Following is the list of some prime features of the device:
  • The power adapter is super-easy to use.
  • It brings a long wire to facilitate you under specific situations.
  • Further, the input voltage (100VAC to 280VAC) range is wider.
  • It provides a soft start and low inrush current.
  • The power adapter offers very low no-load power consumption.
  • It has a low ripple and noise output.
  • The highest ambient temperature it can bear is up to 60-degree Celsius.
  • Likewise, the power adapter provides protection against under/over voltage or short circuits.
  • The isolation is up to 3kv for 5 seconds.
  • It has the provision of thermal shut down with auto-restart on cold conditions.
  • Buyers also get up to 6 months of warranty.
  • The power adapter delivers superior quality in terms of functionality and performance.
  • The size is compact to make it easy to carry it out.
  • Higher reliability
  • It has good quality SMPS profiles.
  • Single output voltage
  • Low energy consumption
  • Incredibly low fault rates
  • Regulated stable voltage
  • The wire is long enough to meet distance problems.

People Also ASK:


Q1: How do you pick the best AC adaptor for your device?

An adaptor changes the larger, typically DC voltage required by your little device—110–240V AC—into a smaller, more manageable voltage. These are frequently necessary for powering or charging battery-operated equipment. The usual idea is to match the V and equal or beat the mAh when picking the appropriate AC adaptor for your device, therefore if you are choosing an AC adapter, make sure you check the following.
  • The device's rated input V and the adapter's output V are compatible.
  • The output of the adapter is larger than or equivalent to the devices' mAh or A ratings.
  • The plug is compatible with your device and is polarised properly.

Q2: What is the universal power adapter?

With a universal adapter, you can use multiple voltages, polarity, and connectors if you are unsure of the pin type or want to use it for a few different devices.
As USB gradually replaces other charging methods, the standardization of the charging system and the availability of USB in lower-power devices, larger, more potent devices will likely run only on USB in the future. Until then, always use caution around electronics and check everything twice because using the wrong voltage or polarity can harm your gadget. On our website, I couldn't find any adjustable power supply, but we do have many adaptor heads and pre-made adapters for laptops and other devices.
Q3: How do AC/DC adaptors work?
The electrical formats are AC and DC. The positive and negative poles of a circuit alternately experience alternating current, which frequently changes direction. Electricity from the mains is delivered in this style. Direct current, on the other hand, does not reverse direction. In addition to powering electrical gadgets with rechargeable batteries, telecommunications equipment, and car batteries, DC is also utilized to transmit electricity along electrical pylons.
Typical AC adapters have a boxy core device with electronics for power switching. This uses the mains AC electricity and transforms it into DC at the voltage needed by the device. The device then receives electricity from the adapter through a power cord to run or charge its battery.
AC adapters, like the majority of electrical equipment, are designed to work with various power levels, which are commonly measured in volts. Additionally, they have a selection of plugs for usage with various socket designs. The standard power plug for the UK is distinct from other standard power plugs, such as those used in Europe and the US.
Most AC/DC adapters can only be used to power approved devices; they are typically not ubiquitous. Some types, however, are made to function as replacement chargers for a variety of devices. These universal power supply adapters may work with various voltages that fall within a certain range, like 100-240 Volts, and some even include plugs of various sizes. These are also referred to as X connectors or star connectors.
Q4: what are the types of AC/DC Adaptors?
The same simple operation of powering direct current equipment in an interchanging current environment is what AC/DC converters are designed to do. There are, however, numerous configurations and specifications to choose from. Watch out for variations.
  • Amperage levels
  • Input and output voltages
  • Plug types (both input and output connectors)
  • Power ratings
  • Approvals such as Medical/UL, for example
  • Surge/ESD protection
Q5: Do AC/DC Adaptors available with different types of plugs?
Due to the globalization of consumer electronics, AC/DC adapters are now available worldwide. Compare the distinctive three conducting pins of British plugs with the two-blade (flat pin) layout used in the United States to see how differently wall socket designs vary between nations.
While European plugs have two cylindrical pins, Australian plugs have three blades. Japanese plugs, on the other hand, again diverge, favoring two blades with circular indentations.
These global variances must be reflected in AC/DC adapter plugs. Manufacturers choose one of two approaches to this problem.
  • By developing various regional models with completely integrated plugs
  • By including a box containing a set of interchangeable charger plates with local plug patterns. The proper license plate for the buyer's nation is attached. This is a financially sensible strategy because global plugs serve a much larger market.


AC / DC 9V 2A Power Adapter with Cable

AC / DC 9V 2A Power Adapter with Cable

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