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Jumper Wires Female - Female 10cm 20PCS

Jumper Wires Female - Female 10cm 20PCS - Jumper wires are the bread and butter of breadboard prototyping (no pun intended). They help you connect almost anything to your Arduino board, so it is always wise to have some in your workshop. Be careful, however, when left unattended, they seem to tangle like there's no tomorrow. Well, you can always buy another set.


  • Wire Quantity: 20
  • Length: 300mm / 30cm
  • Connector Type: Female - Female
  • Color: Combined

F2F Jumper Wires (10cm) – Description

It is no secret that jumper wires are quite important components in the prototyping process. They are handy tools to help you design your Arduino projects without having any complications and stress. These are simple wires with connector pins at both ends to allow you to connect two points to each other without soldering.

Further, jumper wires come to play a vital role while used with breadboards as well as other prototyping tools. It is useful to make it smoother to change a circuit as needed. The heavy-duty jumper wires you can buy for your car bring lots of perks and value. The thickness of a wire is measured in gauge and the lowest gauge number indicates the thickest cable.

The 10cm female-to-female jumper wire brings blissful features for users. It is a blend of flexible and easy-to-use detachable cables that can help you design your Arduino projects with accurate connection profiles. This sort of jumper wirehouses a one-pin female and one-pin female on both ends to be compatible with a 2.54mm mil spacing pin header.

Moreover, the jumper wire F2F is an electric wire or a composition of them having a connector or pins at each end. It allows users to interconnect the components of a breadboard or other prototype or test circuit. Also, it ensures a relevant connection with internal or other equipment without performing soldering. You can insert their ends into the slots to fit DuPont cables. The header connector of a circuit board features multiple slots where you can insert end connectors.

Jumper Wires Female to Female (10cm) – Features

Jumper cables have a proficient role to play in the prototyping procedures.The 10cm jumper wires can be used with Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Arduino, and other mini-PC as well as development boards. Moreover, the wire is also useful in the PCB project breadboard connections and pc motherboard. Plugging and unplugging are also made easy for prototyping and you can use them repeatedly. Some of the superior features and specifications are as follow:

  • High-quality materials
  • Durability and reusability
  • A great option for construction and repair projects
  • Chromatic color jump wire (40pcs)
  • Easy to install and use
  • Compatible with 2.54mm spacing pin header
  • Useful for the electronic project and genuine Arduino product

Inclusions: 20 x Jumper Wires Female to Female 10cm

Jumper Wires Female - Female 10cm 20PCS

Jumper Wires Female - Female 10cm 20PCS

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