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3V Relay Module AC 24V 7A / DC 24V 10A

Relay Module for DIY Projects: A Compact, Versatile Switching Solution

Key Specifications:

  • Voltage Compatibility: AC 24V 7A / DC 24V 10A, accommodating a broad range of power setups.
  • Mounting Ease: Features a 3.15mm aperture, with 19mm wide and 42mm long hole spacings for straightforward mounting.
  • Compact Dimensions: The PCB board measures 50mm x 26mm x 1.6mm, with the finished product at 50mm x 26mm x 17mm, optimizing space in your designs.

Product Overview: This Relay Module is engineered for enthusiasts in DIY technology and craft projects, providing the essential capability to control relays through low-power devices like microcontrollers and sensors. By outputting high or low-level control signals, it functions as an effective switch, enabling or disabling circuits as needed. The module is designed with a focus on simplicity and functionality, featuring a red power indicator light and a green switch indicator light for immediate status acknowledgment.

Wiring Instructions: To ensure the longevity and proper functioning of the module, it's crucial to connect the power supply correctly; reversing polarity might damage the unit.

  • Power Connection: The VCC should be linked to the DC 3.3V positive pole or 3V, and the GND to the DC 3.3V negative pole or 3V.
  • Control Signal: The IN terminal is the control input, accepting a 3V signal.
  • Output Configuration: The module has a common terminal in the middle, with two ends that can be configured according to the desired application.

This module is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to incorporate switch functionality into their DIY projects, whether it's for managing lights, motors, or other electronic components in low-power control systems. With its compact design and straightforward installation process, it's perfectly suited for a wide array of creative and technical applications.

3V Relay Module AC 24V 7A / DC 24V 10A

3V Relay Module AC 24V 7A / DC 24V 10A

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