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DC Motor Driver / Controller 2x2A L298N

DC Motor Driver / Controller 2x2A L298N - A DC motor would only go on a specific rotation if you connected it directly to a power supply. This module helps you control its rotation and its speed. It has integration with the famous L298N Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Integrated Circuit. You could control 2 motors with this module quickly and independently. This module could be supplied with 4.8V to 46V for the motor and 6V to 12V for the module. It takes up 36mA when in use and can drive a current of up to 2A.

To connect this to your Arduino, you will need to use 4 digital pins, and a power supply (VCC/GND). You may use this in projects like a 2-wheeled mobile robot. This breakout module with standard screw holes will help on applications and devices with flat spaces, so you don't need to use the Arduino stacked-up shield.


  • The logic part of the input voltage: 6 ~ 12V
  • Driven part of the input voltage Vs: 4.8 ~ 46V
  • The logical part of the work current Iss: 36mA
  • Drive part of the operating current Io: 2A
  • Maximum power dissipation: 25W (T = 75 degree Celsius)
  • Control signal input level:
  • High level: 2.3V = Vin = Vss
  • Low:-0.3V = Vin = 1.5V
  • Operating temperature: -25 degree Celsius ~ +130 degree Celsius
  • Drive Type: Dual high-power H-bridge driver
  • Module Size: 47 mm × 53mm
  • Module Weight: About 29g

L298N Motor Driver Module – Description

The high-power motor driver is exquisitely perfect to drive DC and stepper motors. This mechanism integrates the most sought-after l298 motor driver IC alongside featuring an onboard 5V regulator. Due to this widely-used L298N Dual H Bridge Driver Chip, the motor driver is an efficient framework to run DC Motors and Stepper Motors. It brings the maximum possible performance for users who want amazing outputs at competitive prices.

Further, the DC Motor Driver is an innovative motor controlling unit. It can manage to drive two robot motors. The L298N Dual H Bridge Motor Driver chip hosts capabilities to operate motors ranging from 5 to 35 volts (2 amps per channel). Using the concept of directional and speed control, the circuit can control up to 4 DC motors or 2 DC motors. The unit stays better for mechatronics and robotics projects. Also, L298N Module is a perfect integration when you need to control motors from microcontrollers, relays, and switches, etc.

How does it Work?

The H-Bridge-based circuit can run the current in either polarity. It can be managed and controlled using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). Pulse Width Modulation indicates to control of the duration of an electronic pulse. You can get a better idea by assuming the brush as a water wheel as well as electrons as the flowing droplets of water. You can measure the voltage as the water flows over the wheel at a constant rate. It records the higher voltage with the more flow of water.

Furthermore, the whole setting comprises the motors rated at certain voltages. But the motor can also get damaged in case the voltage is applied heavily. Similarly, dropping the motor quickly (to slow down the motor) can also cause damage. You can consider the water wheel analogy and let the water hit the system in pulses constantly. The wheel will run faster with longer pulses, but shorter pulses can slower the water wheel.


  • Out 1 – Motor A lead out
  • Out 2 – Motor A lead out
  • Out 3 – Motor B lead out
  • Out 4 – Motor (5v-35v)
  • In1 – Enable Motor A
  • In2 – Enable Motor A
  • In3 – Enable Motor B
  • In4 – Enable Motor B
  • EnB – Enable PMW Signal

L298N Motor Driver Module can be used to control motor speed and direction. It can be used for other projects as well i.e. managing the brightness of lighting projects (LED arrays).

People Also Ask:

Q1: What distinguishes the L293D and L298N Motor Drivers?

Below is a description of the primary distinction between L293D and L298N motor drivers:

  • Compared to L298N, L293D drivers can operate between 4.5 and 36 volts.
  • L293D can draw a maximum of 600mA through both channels, whereas L298N Motor Driver can take up to 2A from both channels.
  • In contrast to L298's two full-H drivers, L293's quadruple motor driver employs a half-H driver, therefore all four input-output lines in L293 are independent, but in L298 only a full H driver can be employed.
  • As opposed to L298's 2A, L293's output current for each channel is 650 mA. Therefore, L298 motor drivers have a heat sink.
  • EMFs are given internally in L293D but are required externally in L298.

The L293D is appropriate for small current-drawing motors such BO motors, DC geared motors up to 500 RPM, and small stepper motors that draw as little as 600mA at their maximum torque ratings. While L298N has the advantage of a larger output current up to 2A, making it appropriate for high torque and high RPM motors like Johnson motors and high torque DC Geared motors.

Q2: Can four motors be connected to the L298N?

The twin H-Bridge motor driver L298N enables simultaneous speed and steering angle of two DC motors. The short answer is no, it won't let you independently control four motors, but depending on the application, you might be able to connect two in parallel to each output.

Q3: What is the maximum current that the L298 can handle?

The Atmel ATmega8L, which controls the dual channel H-bridge driver chip (L298N), which can manage current up to 2A per channel, is the brain of the device. This chip handles the I2C connection with platforms like Arduino. The ability to operate both motors simultaneously at various speeds and directions.

Features –

In terms of features, L298N 2A Motor Driver Controller offers the following highlights:

  • First, the L298N module integrates the Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Chip. It provides the module with the necessary potential to generate the required performance.
  • It captures 4 LEDs to reflect the position of the control logic.
  • The unit is quite simple and easy to interface with.
  • It can drive motors – 5v-35v at 2A per channel.
  • Further, the module hosts screw terminals for easy connection establishment.
  • Individual motors feature independent speed, direction, and braking.
  • Supports current sensing

DC Motor Driver / Controller 2x2A L298N

DC Motor Driver / Controller 2x2A L298N

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