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1 Channel 5V High Level Trigger Solid State Relay Module

This Solid State Relay (SSR) module represents a high-quality, efficient solution for a variety of applications requiring precise control and reliability. It's designed with an emphasis on durability, ease of use, and performance. Let's break down the key aspects and benefits of this module:


  • Size: 25 mm(length) x 34 mm(width) x 25 mm (height) 
  • Input Voltage: 5V DC
  • Trigger Type: High-level trigger
  • Isolation Voltage: Typically 1500V to 5000V
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +85°C

Durability and Quality

  • Material: The use of FR-4 double-sided circuit boards is a testament to the module's durability and reliability. FR-4 is a widely respected material in the electronics industry, known for its thermal resistance, mechanical strength, and electrical insulation properties.
  • Relay Capacity: The solid-state relay's capability to support up to 5A makes it versatile for numerous DC applications. Solid-state relays are preferred for their fast switching times, long life, and reduced electrical noise, making them suitable for precise control tasks.

Design and Usability

  • Convenient Wiring: The inclusion of KF128-3.81 Terminal Blocks simplifies the wiring process, allowing for secure and straightforward connections. This feature is particularly beneficial for DIY enthusiasts and professionals looking for efficiency in assembly and maintenance.
  • High Current Transistor: The SS8050 transistor, with its 1.5A high current capacity, ensures stable and reliable operation. It's an essential component for the switching functionality of the module, providing the necessary control over the solid-state relay.

Installation and Form Factor

  • Mounting: The provision of four screw holes facilitates easy installation, allowing the module to be securely fixed in place within a project or system.
  • Compact Size: The module's dimensions (6.89cm x 7.10cm x 2.28cm) make it compact enough to fit in various setups without compromising on performance. It's designed to be both functional and space-efficient.

Performance Parameters

  • Power Supply: The wide voltage range (3-32VDC) for the power supply enhances the module's versatility, making it compatible with various power sources and systems.
  • Trigger: The high-level trigger mechanism (3-32VDC to turn ON, 0-0.5V to turn OFF) is straightforward and effective, with a clear indication of the state for voltages between 0.5-2.5 volts as unknown, which aids in troubleshooting and system design.

Application Range

  • Load Current: The ability to handle a load current of 5-220VDC at 5A, specifically designed for DC applications, broadens the module's applicability across different domains, such as home automation, industrial control systems, and custom electronics projects.

1 Channel 5V High Level Trigger Solid State Relay Module

1 Channel 5V High Level Trigger Solid State Relay Module

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