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Phototransistor Photocoupler EL817 10PCS

EL817 are Photo transistor based photo coupler. A photocoupler, or optical isolator or an opto - iso..


Heat Shrink Pack Tubing Multi-Colored 164 PCS

Heat shrink is the duct tape of electronics which I guess makes this heat shrink the colorful and ex..


Heatsink for Stepper Motor Aluminum MK7 / MK8 40x40x11mm Black

This heatsink is applicable in most Stepper Motor or ICs that needs to be cooled down. It is designe..


Stepper Motor Driver 3D Printer Step Stick MKS TMC2100

The TMC2100 provides an integrated motor driver solution for 3D-Printing, Cameras, Scanners and othe..


Cooling Fan 4010 12V 0.08A for 3D Printer

If you have a stepper motor driver or a hot end that needs constant cooling, then this cooling fan i..


Blower Fan Squirrel Cage 12V

This DC Blower really moves some air! Pulling about 0.3A @ 12VDC, this blower is rated at 16CFM (alt..


Stepper Motor Vibration Damper NEMA 17 for 3D printers

One way of reducing the noise of your stepper motors is to use motor damper. This motor damper is id..


Female Header 2x6-Pin 0.100" 2.54mm Straight 10PCS

This connector is a double-row, 12-pin (2×6), straight female header strip designed to match 0.1" ma..


Aluminum Metal Case / Enclosure For Raspberry Pi 4

Get the most out of your Raspberry Pi 4B with this high-quality aluminum case! Designed for Raspberr..


Heatsink Kit for Raspberry Pi 4 with Adhesive

Are you still bothered by the Raspberry Pi fever problem? Don’t worry, we have prepared a cooling so..


Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable 1 meter for Raspberry Pi 4

Connect an HDMI device with a micro HDMI port to one with a regular size HDMI port together with thi..


ATtiny85 Micro Mini USB MCU Development Board Module HW-019B

This development board is based on Microchip's ATtiny85. The high-performance, low-power Microc..


CP2102 Micro USB to UART TTL Module

This module is based on the CP2102 Single-Chip USB-to-UART Bridge. CP2102 is a great alternative for..


USB Cable Mini B Male to Type A Male for Arduino Nano 30CM

Check out this handy USB cable, which will make it easy for you to enclose a device that has a Mini-..


Long Range IR Thermometer GY-MLX90614-DCI

This sensor module uses an MLX90614 thermometer sensor. The MLX90614 is an infrared thermometer for ..


CN3065 Mini USB Solar Lithium Charger Board Module

This solar charger board for Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries is based on the CN3065 chip. There..


18.5V 10A BMS 5S ZX-5S03V1 Battery Protection Board

If you're looking for a simple battery protection board for your project, here's one for you. This b..


Ethernet RJ45 Female Socket Push-Terminal Block

If you need to connect an RJ45 cable (a.k.a Ethernet) to a board that doesn't have an Ethernet jack ..


PiUART - USB Console and Power Add-on for Raspberry Pi

Here's another super handy add-on for your Raspberry Pi computer, perfect for 'head-less' setups! Th..


uFL SMT Antenna Connector

uFL connectors are very small surface-mount parts used when an external RF antena is desired but a b..


iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

This here is iFixit's most economical do-everything toolkit. The Essential Electronics Toolkit is wh..


Pogo Pins "Crown Head" (10 pack) - P75-H2

Pogo pins are little spring-loaded contacts, very handy for making jigs, or making momentary (but el..


Through-Hole Resistors - 1.0K ohm 5% 1/4W - Pack of 25

ΩMG! You're not going to be able to resist these handy resistor packs! Well, axially, they do all of..


Circuitrocks Alora RFM1262 Radio Transceiver Featherwing

Do you need to send data over distances that cannot be achieved with WiFi or Bluetooth, but GSM/LTE ..


Circuitrocks SensoWing Prototyping Add-on For Feathers Grove and Qwiic Compatible

Want to make a quick prototype with some sensors and your Feather boards? Then you might stumble ove..


Quad-band Wired Cellular Antenna SMA 850/900/1800/1900MHz

A Quad-band antenna for embedded cellular devices. This antenna will allow you to connect your cellu..


Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver DRV8833

Tired of fitting your motor driver on your DIY mechatronics devices? Worry no more! With this tiny D..


Thin White Wheel for TT DC Gearbox Motors 65mm Diameter

We're keepin' it wheel with this one! Plastic gear-box motors (also known as 'TT' motors) are an eas..


Rubber Off-Road Wheel 55mm

These are your basic off-road wheel, 55mm wheels with black rubber tires. These wheels are the same ..


Mobile Power DIY Board MH-CD42 DC 5V 2.1A

Providing mobile power for your DIY projects has never been easier with the MH-CD42 Power DIY board!..