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LCD 20x4 Character Module Yellow Backlight

An Easy to use LCD display that can display a max of 20x4 characters. Using the Sumsung KS0066 paral..


Relay Module 10A 16 Channels

QUICK SPECS:The use of the industry's top quality optocoupler isolation, strong anti-interference ab..


Battery 2S 8.4V 8A Charger 18650 BMS

QUICK SPECS:Over charge voltage:4.25-4.35v±0.05vOver dishcarge voltage: 2.5-3.0v±0.05vMax continuous..


Battery 2S 7.4V 13A Charger 18650

QUICK SPECS:Overcharge voltage range: 4.25-4.35v + 0.05vSize: 46*20*3.6mm Over voltage range: 2..


Battery 2S 10A Charger 18650 BMS

QUICK SPECS:Model: HX - 2S - JH20 overcharging range: 4.25-4.35 v plus or minus 0.05 v Size: 46..


Voltage AC Single Phase Voltage Transformer Sensor

This module is equipped with A01B active output single-phase AC voltage transformer. The onboard pre..


DC DC 5A Constant Current LED Driver Module

Because these boards have both constant current and constant voltage modes, you can use them to dire..


Crash Sensor Module for Arduino

Frequently known as a micro switch, is an electric switch that is actuated by very little physical f..


DC Motor 550 12V

This is the powerful RS-550 Motor 19300rpm 12V 62.49oz-in with a 3-pole balanced armature. This moto..


LED Holder 3mm Plastic Bevel 5PCS

Keep your 3mm LEDs in place with these little plastic LED holders. These are handy for projects usin..


Arduino Mega Board 2560 R3 with USB Cable

This is a Arduino Mega compatible board.Arduino, generally, is a open-source hardware platform. It w..


Arduino Mega 2560 Acrylic Enclosure

QUICK SPECS:Protective case of Mega 2560.Fastened by eight screws.Made by premium acrylic.Provides e..


Arduino Uno R3 Board ATMEGA328 with USB Cable

This is a compatible Arduino Uno R3 board. It has the following specifications below:Microcontroller..


Servo Motor Metal Gear MG996R

MG996R is an upgraded version of MG995 servo.The new PCB and IC control system which makes it far mo..


Battery Lithium 1A Li-ion Charging Module TP4056

QUICK SPECS:Charge Module: Linear chargingCurrent: 1A adjustableCharge Precision: 1.5%Input Voltage:..


DC Male Female Power Adapter Set 2.1mm

QUICK SPECS:National standard 5.5 * 5.5 mm DC DC male head lock screw headUse the temperature: – 50 ..


SD CARD 16GB Micro Pre Installed with NOOBS For Raspberry PI

ThIs SD Card with "New Out of Box Software" (NOOBS) is the perfect for OS Raspberry Pi beginner..


Tweezers Stainless Steel

QUICK SPECS:Length: 12-13.5cmMaterial: Stainless steelList: ElbowStraight headFlat head..


Tweezers Set Vetus ESD Series

QUICK SPECS:Brand: VetusStainless SteelAnti-MagneticAnti-AcidAnti-corrosionAnti-staticMaterials: (30..


I2C Multiplexer TCA9548A

This TCA9548A I2C multiplexer module can bind up to eight I2C of the same address. It serves selects..


IO Expander Bidirectional MCP23017

Easy to use module to expand the I/O interface for both Raspberry Pi and Arduino. IO Expander Bidire..


Relay Adjustable Timer Micro USB Power Module

FEATURES:Working voltage: wide voltage 5 ~ 30V, two power supply interfaceOperating mode: the initia..


Mini Water Pump Submersible DC 3-6V

This is a low cost, small size Submersible Pump Motor which can be operated from a 2.5 ~ 6V power su..


DC DC Buck / Step Down 5A XL4005

SPECIFICATIONS:Module: non-isolated buck module (BUCK)Input voltage: 5-32V (input should try not to ..


Jumper Wires Female - Female 20cm 40PCS

With these wire, you can easily connect electronic components to breadboard to make your project wit..


Jumper Wires Male - Male 20cm 40PCS

With these wire, you can easily connect electronic components to breadboard to make your project wit..


Jumper Wires Male - Female 20cm 40PCS

With these wire, you can easily connect electronic components to breadboard to make your project wit..


NFC RFID Module PN532

NFC RFID Module PN532 is an integrated transmission module for Near Field Communication at 13.56MHz...


Potentiometer Knob Cap

QUICK SPECS:Color: BlueKnob Top Diameter :10mm Knob Base Diameter : 15mm Shaft Insert Diam..


NeoPixel Ring 32 x WS2812 5050 RGB LED

This is the 32 LED NeoPixel Ring from Adafruit, a small chainable 4.2" (10.6cm) outer diameter boa..