Out Of Stock Nano CH340 USB driver with Arduino

Nano CH340 USB driver with Arduino

Arduino boards have different kinds that fit different applications. One variety of these boards is an Arduino Nano. This board is compact and used for small scale projects, but it also has the capabilities of an Arduino Uno. The only difference they have is the size, as well as the cable used for uploading programs.
This board has an integrated CH340 chip. It is similar in ESP boards, as well as clones of Arduino Uno and Mega. It has 22 I/O pins, 14 of which is for digital I/O, with 6 having PWM controls, and 8 analog pins. It also supports the use of SPI, I2C, and UART communications. Each I/O pin of the Arduino Nano produced around 40mA current. 
This board has an operating voltage of 5V to 20V. Recommended 7V to 12V usage. It can have an input voltage from 0V to 5V. The board also has 16kb FLASH memory and 1kb EEPROM.
This board is programmable with the use of a USB mini cable. Unlike Arduino Uno, it has no built-in DC jack for an external supply. Powering it up is possible through its USB port, or directly connect it with its VIN and GND pins.
This board does not come with a USB cable.

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Nano CH340 USB driver with Arduino

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