Out Of Stock Wire Stripper Self Adjusting

Wire Stripper Self Adjusting

We got to admit that wire strippers are hard to use when you don't know how it operates. Luckily, we have this Wire Strippers Self Adjusting that you can use for most wires. Simply, place the wire in the head of the tool, compress, and have a flawless stripped wire. But we are not done yet, it can also be used as wire cutter and crimper as well.

These wire strippers are rated for 10-24AWG, but it has an adjustable know to strip smaller wires than 24AWG. The perfect partner for your tool box.

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Wire Stripper Self Adjusting

  • Brand: Sparkfun
  • Product Code: TOL-14872
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • ₱1,335