Out Of Stock Solenoid Electromagnetic Lock

Solenoid Electromagnetic Lock

Solenoid Electromagnetic Lock When you see the picture above, you should have guessed that this is a lock, but it is not an ordinary lock, yes! It is an electromagnetic lock. Usually, the tongue is pops up, when you power it, internal coil generates a magnetic force to attract the tongue. So as to achieve the purpose of opening the door. It is respond quickly, just one second to complete the unlock. If you want to give your little drawer or cabinet to increase an insurance policy, then select it.


  • Work voltage: 12V
  • Work current: 350mA
  • Locking telescopic length: 10 mm
  • Cable length: 13 cm
  • Powered forms: intermittent
  • Unlock time: 1S
  • Continuous power
  • Work temperature range: -40 ℃ to + 50 ℃
  • Material: Iron
  • Size: (length)27mm x (width)29mm x (height)18mm

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Solenoid Electromagnetic Lock

  • Brand: Elecrow
  • Product Code: APK25035L
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • ₱547