Relay Module 10A 8 Channel

Relay Module 10A 8 Channel

You may use a relay in controlling high-voltage and current that your Arduino could not, may it be AC or DC. This 8 channel relay can handle voltages of [email protected] or [email protected]

A relay is a digital switch. What it does is to allow a current to flow or not using the signal is received. It has 3 terminals, the Common, Normally Open and, Normally Close Terminal. It also has 1 coil that does the cutting or letting the current flow. 

As for the terminals, the Common Terminal and the usually Close Terminal has the continuity without energizing the coil. Energizing the coil, the Common Terminal, and the Normally Open Terminal creates the continuity and cutting the connection to the Normally Close Terminal.

If you need a fewer set of a relay, we have the 1 channel, 2 channel, 4 channel. For more channels here is the 16 channel version.


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Relay Module 10A 8 Channel

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