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Teensy 4.0

The Teensy 4.0 microcontroller board combines high performance with a compact design, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of projects. Featuring a powerful ARM Cortex-M7 processor clocked at 600 MHz and equipped with an NXP iMXRT1062 chip, it stands as the fastest microcontroller in its class. Its design maintains compatibility with Teensy 3.2 pin layouts, enhancing its versatility for various applications.


  • Form Factor: 1.4 by 0.7 inches, compatible with Teensy 3.2 pins.
  • Processor: ARM Cortex-M7 at 600 MHz with NXP iMXRT1062 chip.
  • Memory: 2 MB Flash, 1 MB RAM.
  • I/O Options: 40 digital pins (5V tolerant), 14 analog inputs, 2 DACs.
  • Connectivity: Serial, I2C, CAN-Bus, USB host/device, Ethernet MAC support.
  • Performance: Dynamic clock scaling, overclocking beyond 600MHz.
  • Power: Efficient at ~100mA, with advanced power-saving and shut-off features.
  • Programming: Arduino IDE and C/C++ compatible, enhanced by Teensyduino.
  • Special Features: FPU for "double" and "float", optimized performance with dual-issue superscalar processing and tightly coupled memory.

Noteworthy Features and Enhancements: 

  • Advanced Processor Technology: The dual-issue superscalar Cortex-M7 processor significantly enhances computational efficiency, capable of executing two instructions per cycle, complemented by branch prediction and tightly coupled memory for faster access.
  • Robust Memory Allocation: Designed to efficiently manage large codes and high-speed processing requirements.
  • Comprehensive Connectivity: Despite its compact size, it offers a wide array of I/O options and high-speed USB functionality, expanding its utility across various projects.
  • Dynamic Performance Adjustment: The unique ability to dynamically adjust clock speeds ensures optimal performance without compromising functionality, supported by power management innovations for extended use.
  • Enhanced Programming Environment: Compatibility with Arduino IDE and C/C++, along with Teensyduino enhancements, makes it accessible and powerful for developers of all skill levels.



Teensy 4.0

Teensy 4.0

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