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Sensor Shield for Arduino Mega V2

Arduino Mega has so many I/O pins, but it has very limited VCC and GND pins. It makes wiring a little complicated because of that. It could take much time hard wiring your VCCs and GNDs to be able to connect it to a single pin. That is one of the reasons why this shield exists. This shield lets you have proper connections from your Arduino Mega to your components. It also makes your connections tidier.

This shield has broken out VCC and GND pins for each interface it can accommodate. It has broken out its SPI, I2C, and UART interfaces. It also has pins available for easy integration of an ultrasonic sensor, an SD card module, and Bluetooth module, as well as an interface for a wireless data communication module.

This shield also has the digital pin 13 LED, a reset button, a 2-pin screw terminal for external power supply. 2 pins for power selection, LED that serves as a power indicator.

It lessens the hard wirings and makes your prototypes a little tidier.

Sensor Shield for Arduino Mega V2

Sensor Shield for Arduino Mega V2

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