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Sanyo Pancake Stepper Motor: Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 42×11.6mm, 3.5V, 1 A/Phase

This pancake bipolar stepping motor from Sanyo has a 1.8° step angle (200 steps/revolution). Each phase draws 1 A at 3.5 V, allowing for a holding torque of 850 g-cm (12 oz-in). The motor has four color-coded wires terminated with bare leads: red and yellow connect to one coil; orange and blue connect to the other. It can be controlled by a pair of suitable H-bridges (one for each coil), but we recommend using a bipolar stepper motor driver.

Our 5 mm universal mounting hub can be used to mount objects on the stepper motor’s 5 ;mm-diameter output shaft, and our NEMA 17 aluminum bracket offers a variety of options for mounting this stepper motor in your project.

This stepper motor is also available with a high-resolution quadrature encoder.


  • Size: 42 mm square × 11.6 mm, not including the shaft (NEMA 17)
  • Weight: 70 g (2.5 oz)
  • Shaft diameter: 5 mm
  • Steps per revolution: 200
  • Current rating: 1 A per coil
  • Voltage rating: 3.5 V
  • Resistance: 3.5 Ω per coil
  • Holding torque: 850 g-cm (12 oz-in)
  • Inductance: 1.2 mH per coil
  • Lead length: 30 cm (12″)
  • Output shaft supported by two ball bearings

More specifications can be found in the datasheet (385k pdf).


The following diagram shows the stepper motor dimensions in mm. The dimension labeled “L” is 11.6 mm. This stepper motor has a single output shaft with a length of 5 mm from the mounting face and a diameter of 5 mm. This shaft works with our 5 mm universal mounting hub.

We also carry a stronger, taller version of this stepper motor where “L” in the above diagram is 18.6 mm and all other dimensions are the same.

Bottom view of the 42×11.6mm Sanyo pancake stepper motor.

Stepper Motor Applications

Stepper motors are generally used in a variety of applications where precise position control is desirable and the cost or complexity of a feedback control system is unwarranted. Here are a few applications where stepper motors are often found:

  • Printers
  • CNC machines
  • 3D printer/prototyping machines (e.g. RepRap)
  • Laser cutters
  • Pick and place machines
  • Linear actuators
  • Hard drives

Sanyo stepper motors; from left to right: 14mm single shaft, 42×18.6mm, 50×11mm, 14mm double shaft

Note: Sanyo Denki calls this product the “SANMOTION F2 STEPPING SYSTEMS TYPE SS2421-5041”.


Size: 42 mm square × 11.6 mm
(NEMA 17)1
NEMA size: 17
Weight: 70 g
Shaft diameter: 5 mm

General specifications

Current rating: 1000 mA2
Voltage rating: 3.5 V
Holding torque: 11.8 oz·in
Steps per revolution: 200
Resistance: 3.5 Ohm2
Inductance per phase: 1.2 mH
Number of leads: 4
Lead length: 30 cm
Encoders?: N


Sanyo Pancake Stepper Motor: Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 42×11.6mm, 3.5V, 1 A/Phase

Sanyo Pancake Stepper Motor: Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 42×11.6mm, 3.5V, 1 A/Phase

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