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Pulse Oximeter Heart-Rate Sensor Breakout MAX30102

The MAX30102 is an integrated pulse oximetry and heart-rate monitor biosensor module. It includes internal LEDs, photodetectors, optical elements, and low-noise electronics with ambient light rejection. The MAX30102 provides a complete system solution to ease the design-in process for mobile and wearable devices.

The MAX30102 operates on a single 1.8V power supply and a separate 5.0V power supply for the internal LEDs. Communication is through a standard I2C-compatible interface. The module can be shut down through software with zero standby current, allowing the power rails to remain powered at all times.


  • Size: Tiny 5.6mm x 3.3mm x 1.55mm 14-Pin Optical Module
  • Operating Voltage: 1.8V to 5.5V
  • Working Current: 5mA
  • Communication Interface: I2C
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Heart Rate Range: 30 BPM to 200 BPM
  • SpO2 Range: 70% to 100%
  • FIFO Buffer:  32-sample FIFO buffer 
  • Integrated Cover Glass for Optimal, Robust Performance
  • Programmable Sample Rate and LED Current for Power Savings
  • Low-Power Heart-Rate Monitor (< 1mW)
  • Ultra-Low Shutdown Current (0.7µA, typ)
  • Power Consumption: Low

Frequently Asked Questions About Pulse Oximeter Heart-Rate Sensor Breakout MAX30102

Q1: How does the MAX30102 sensor work?

The sensor uses red and infrared light to measure the absorption of light by blood vessels. It then uses algorithms to calculate the heart rate and oxygen saturation levels based on the light absorption data.

Q2: What is the accuracy of the MAX30102 sensor?

The accuracy of the sensor depends on various factors such as the placement of the sensor, the user's skin tone, and other environmental conditions. However, the MAX30102 is known to be highly accurate and reliable for measuring heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels.

Q3: What is the output format of the MAX30102 sensor?

The sensor outputs raw data in the form of digital values that can be read and processed by microcontrollers or other electronic devices.

Q4: How can the MAX30102 sensor be used in medical applications?

The MAX30102 sensor can be used in medical applications to monitor patients' vital signs, such as heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels, without the need for invasive procedures. It can be used in hospitals, clinics, and even at home for patients with chronic medical conditions.

Q5: Can the MAX30102 sensor be used in wearable devices?

Yes, the MAX30102 sensor is commonly used in wearable devices such as fitness trackers and smart watches to monitor users' heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels in real-time.

Q6: What are some other applications of the MAX30102 sensor?

In addition to medical and wearable applications, the MAX30102 sensor can also be used in sports and fitness monitoring, industrial monitoring, and even in the automotive industry for driver monitoring systems.


Pulse Oximeter Heart-Rate Sensor Breakout MAX30102

Pulse Oximeter Heart-Rate Sensor Breakout MAX30102

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