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DC DC Boost / Step Up 2A MT3608

In times of needing multiple supply voltages, you don't need to have multiple adapters plugged into your outlet or even multiple battery cells. What you need to have is something called a voltage regulator. These modules provide you with your required supply voltage. 

This module is a step-up voltage regulator, using the MT3608 IC that can handle input voltages ranging from 2V to 24V, and output of 5V to 28V.  The peak current this module can draw is 2A, as well as its output. 

It has a built-in trim potentiometer to calibrate the output voltage you desired. With an efficiency of greater than 93%, this module could give you reliable power supply output.


  • 2V to 24V input voltage with output boost 5V to 28V adjustable
  • Maximum output current: 2A
  • Efficiency: > 93%
  • Input voltage should not exceed the maximum input voltage
  • Peak current output current should not more than 2A
  • Output voltage should always be higher than the Input voltage
  • PCB Size: 36 mm x 17 mm x 14 mm

DC DC Boost / Step Up 2A MT3608

DC DC Boost / Step Up 2A MT3608

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