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Metal DC Geared Motor 6V 15RPM

Metal DC Geared Motor – A Metal Gear Motor is a composition of motor and gearbox. It is an all-in-one unit that brings the motor and gearbox together to deliver more invigorated performance. When a gear head is added to the unit, it increases the torque output but decreases the speed. Speed, torque, and efficiency are the three crucial components integrated into gear motors. Hence, it is necessary to evaluate the speed, torque, and load for your application before you finalize a suitable gear motor for your project.

Furthermore, a gear motor is quite productive and result-specific. It allows you to embellish your project with integrated channels and generates enhanced performance at all levels. Users can manage the overall mechanism across all components before moving ahead with the prescribed goal. With a metal DC geared motor, you can ensure better connectivity, performance, and integrity, irrespective of all the barriers and conflicts.

As far as the DC motor is concerned, it is rotating electrical equipment that is aligned to convert the direct current of electrical energy into mechanical energy. There is used an inductor in the DC motor that generates a magnetic field to create rotary motion as soon as DC voltage is applied to its terminal. You can also see an iron shaft inside the DC motor that is wrapped in a coil of wire. The best part is that the integrated shaft hosts two fixed (North& South) magnets on both sides. It builds a repulsive and attractive force that further helps in the development of torque.

Selecting the Efficient Metal DC Geared Motor

It is of abundance significance to pick the right motor for your application. Well, choosing the appropriate motor can be challenging if a proper way of selection is ignored. You need to adopt a concierge approach to finalize the perfect option for your project. The following are multiple key pointers you need to keep in mind to pick the right DC geared motor for your system:

  • Make sure to consider your design requirements, including product development requirements, device functionality, product optimization, and design parameters.
  • Further, design calculation is another vital element to mull over to get to the perfect integration. It allows you to identify which motor is the best for your channel. It helps you determine gear ratio, service factor, overhung load, testing analysis and rotating mass, etc.
  • Users can implement the data derived through design calculations and application parameters to choose the best DC geared motor. You can consider current, voltage, torque, RPM, and power as essential integrations.

This is a metal DC geared motor, 478:1 metal reducer. It has a small size and large torque. The maximum torque could arrive at 10 kg. cm. It is stable and durable!


  • Rated Voltage: 6 V
  • Operating Voltage Range 2~7.5V
  • Gear reduction ratio: 478.1:1
  • Gearbox length: 27 mm
  • "D" shape shaft diameter: 4 mm
  • No-load speed: 15 RPM @ 6V
  • No-load current: 50 mA
  • Locked-rotor torque: 10
  • Locked-rotor current: 0.6 A
  • Operating Temperature: -20~60℃
  • Weight:74g


  • Metal DC Geared Motor - 6V 15RPM x1

Metal DC Geared Motor 6V 15RPM

Metal DC Geared Motor 6V 15RPM

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