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LCD 1602 Character Display Blue Background Module

LCD 1602 Character Display Blue Background Module -  Much like in programming, having a way to display your output is necessary. You can use it to demonstrate your project's functionalities or simply troubleshoot your code. This LCD 1602 Module can do that for you. It can handle 16 characters within two lines on a blue background display. It is based on a Samsung KS0066 chip that uses a parallel interface similar to Hitachi HD44780. It's an excellent solution for monitoring sensor data and displaying robot prompts. 


  • PCB Dimensions: 36mm x 80.6mm x 1mm
  • Screen Dimensions: 24mm x 69mm
  • Height PCB + Screen: 8.4mm

Inclusions: 1 x LCD 1602 Character Display Blue Background Module


LCD1602 Display with Blue Backlight – Description

Across Arduino projects, you need a display unit to reflect the output visually. It is perfect to integrate a display that can demonstrate your results in an LCD format. In case your project requires only a little-sized unit, the LCD 1602 LCD Display is likely to be a perfect choice for your Arduino or other projects. It brings simpler solutions that are too, at competitive prices. Users can mount 16 x 2 White on RGB LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) into your innovative projects.

Further, the display under question is a panel that can hold 16 characters divided into two lines with a blue color background. Ultimately, it delivers a crystal-clear presentation with high contrast in the white-color text format. The unit further justices the superiority in many ways. It is quite brilliant when it comes to integrating with Arduino projects. Users will have no hassle to interface the unit with Arduino and other microcontrollers.

On the display presentation, the unit will show the values either in the simple text format or numerical values. The sensor reads the data and conveys it to readers through the LCD display in numerical or text shapes. For instance,it can show the temperature, pressure as well as the number of cycles performed by Arduino.

Interfacing 16x2 Character LCD Display with Arduino

If you're looking forward to making your Arduino projects display status messages/readings, implementing the LCD1602 LCD Display is a great thought. In fact, it is the best and common way to embrace your Arduino projects with interface prospects.

Since the LCD 1602 Display presents text/characters only, therefore it is named as character LCD. It integrates an LED backlight that can show 32 ASCII characters in two rows (16 characters on each row).
16x2 Character LCD Pinout

The following is a quick scan of the LCD pinout:

  • GND: This is integrated with the ground of Arduino.
  • VCC: VCC denotes the power supply for the LCD unit that allows us to connect the 5 volts pin with Arduino.
  • Vo: It controls the brightness and contrast of the LCD unit. A user can adjust the contrast using a voltage divider with a potentiometer.
  • RS: Register Select pin is promised to ensure the data transfer in terms of commands or data. Therefore, the RS pin’s prime job is to differentiate commands from the data.
  • R/W: This pin available on the LCD unit manages your actions whether you're reading or writing data to the LCD.
  • E (Enable): Simply, this pin is used to enable the display. It processes the incoming data after you set the pin on HIGH. However, it doesn’t consider the data from R/W, RS, and other pins.

LCD 1602 Character Display Blue Background Module

LCD 1602 Character Display Blue Background Module

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