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FeatherWing Adalogger RTC SD

This featherwing is an add-on for your feather boards from Adafruit. It conveniently add Real Time Clock and MicroSD card storage. This will be placed on top of the Feather board with stacking headers.

This FeatherWing will make it real easy to add datalogging to any of our existing Feathers. You get both an I2C real time clock (PCF8523) with 32KHz crystal and battery backup, and a microSD socket that connects to the SPI port pins (+ extra pin for CS). Tested and works great with all of our Feathers.

Does not come with a micro SD card. A CR1220 coin cell is required to use the RTC battery-backup capabilities! We don't include one by default, to make shipping easier for those abroad, but we do stock them so pick one up or use any CR1220 you have handy. If you're not using the RTC part of the FeatherWing, a battery is not required.If you need a precision RTC, check out our DS3231 FeatherWing

For pinouts, wiring and code example that will run on all Feathers, check out the tutorial guide which we keep updated as new Feathers come out. It has more information including diagrams, example code for both Arduino and CircuitPython, pinouts, and more!


Revision History:

As of June 6, 2017 we now ship a version with a slightly different power supply setup that reduces RTC brownouts. It is otherwise code and hardware compatible

FeatherWing Adalogger RTC SD

FeatherWing Adalogger RTC SD

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