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Ethernet W5100 Module

Ethernet connection is not out-of-date. Most of the stationary system connects through Ethernet. One sample is the network of computers in an office. Although the internet is not needed, the network still connects through Ethernet.

This ethernet module uses the Wiznet W5100 ethernet chip. This chip provides a network (IP) stack capable of doing both TCP and UDP. This module does not only allows you to connect to the internet but to communicate with one of its own as well. It has a standard RJ-45 port, with power over Ethernet (POE) enabled and an integrated line transformer.

This ethernet module operates at a 5V power supply. It comes with an internal buffer of 16k and connection speed from 10mbps to 100mbps. It has a lot of LED indicators with unique functions: PWR indicates that both the board and module is powered up adequately; LINK indicated when a connection establishes, also when sending or receiving data; FDX indicates a full-duplex network; RX indicates that the module is receiving data; TX indicates that the module is sending data, and COL indicates a network collision.

Ethernet W5100 Module

Ethernet W5100 Module

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