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NodeMCU V2 ESP8266 Development Board

NodeMCU V2 ESP8266 Development Board - Are you a noob when it comes to Internet of Things? Well fear not! Make awesome IoT projects with NodeMCU! It is a development kit based from the awesome ESP8266 chip! Connect everything to your WiFi network with the NodeMCU! Did we also mention that this thing is cheap!? You read that right! You get a very small yet powerful WiFi device below P500! Now you have more money to buy other components like sensors and relays!

How is it programmed? You could use your Arduino IDE and program it with the Arduino programming language or if you are a web developer, you could use Lua! Lua is kinda like Nodejs so web developers could join in the IoT bandwagon!


  • Wireless 802.11 b / g / n standards;
  • Support STA / AP / STA + AP three operating modes;
  • Built-in TCP / IP protocol stack to support multiple TCP Client connection (5 MAX);
  • D0 ~ D8, SD1 ~ SD3: used as GPIO, PWM, IIC, etc. Port Drive 15mA;
  • AD0: 1 channel ADC;
  • Power input: 4.5V ~ 9V (10VMAX), USB-powered, providing USB debugging interface;
  • Current job: keep sending: ≈70mA (200mA MAX), Standby: <200uA;
  • Transfer rate: 110-460800bps;
  • Support UART / GPIO data communication interface;
  • Remote firmware upgrade (OTA);
  • Smart Link supports intelligent networking capabilities;
  • Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃;
  • Drive Type: Dual high-power H-bridge driver
  • Module Weight: about 7g
  • Board Name: NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module)
  • USB-to-UART bridge chip: CH340

Programming the Node MCU with Arduino IDE

The Arduino IDE's ease of use makes it simple to program the Nodemcu Development Board. Nodemcu programming using the Arduino IDE should only take 10 to 20 minutes. The Nodemcu board itself, the most recent version of the Arduino IDE, and a USB wire are all you need. To set up your Arduino IDE for NodeMCU, you can refer to this Getting Started Tutorial for NodeMCU. To set up your Arduino IDE for the ESP32 module, you may also refer to my getting started article for the ESP32 Wifi + Bluetooth Module.

Frequently asked questions About WI-FI Node MCU board esp8266 

Q:1 What is nodemcu and how does it operate?

An open-source IoT platform is Nodemcu. It has hardware that is mostly based on the esp-12 module and firmware that runs on the esp8266 wireless soc from Expressive Structures. It is built using the Espressif Non-OS SDK for the esp8266 and is based on the elua project. It utilizes several open-source projects, including lua-cjson.

Q2: Is Nodemcu the brand of a microcontroller?

The esp8266 system-on-a-chip (soc) serves as the foundation of the nodemcu, an open-source software program, and hardware development environment. Additionally, you must program it using low-level gadget commands that the chip hardware can understand.

Q3: Which is superior, the Nodemcu board or the Arduino?

The Nodemcu boasts a more powerful processor than the Arduino Uno's atmega328, as well as a 4MB flash memory and significantly more RAM. It essentially offers much more than an Uno, virtually in its whole. It handles serial chat protocols well and has more gpio, ADC, and PWM choices than the Uno board.

Q4: How do I launch Nodemcu?

You can begin programming your new Nodemcu board after setting up the esp8266 boards. Connect the micro-USB cord to the nodemcu first, then plug the laptop in using the other end of the cable. Go back to the Arduino IDE's tools -> board -> esp8266 boards and choose "nodemcu 1.0-12e module."

Q5: What is the count of gpio pins on the nodemcu?

The Esp8266 Nodemcu includes 17 gpio pins that may be dynamically allocated to a variety of functionalities, including i2c, i2s, UART, PWM, led lights, and buttons.

Q6: What distinguishes the nodemcu from the esp8266?

Some upgrade boards employ standard esp8266 modules, while others integrate the chip, flash memory, and antenna onto the PCB. A development board called Nodemcu uses the esp8266 and identical firmware.


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NodeMCU V2 ESP8266 Development Board

NodeMCU V2 ESP8266 Development Board

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