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A7 GPRS GSM GPS Board for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Looking for a way to gain mobile communication connectivity on your Arduino and Raspberry Devices? Look no more, the A7 GPRS/GSM/GPS Module is based on the AI Thinker A7 chip. It supports the GSM/GPRS Quad-Band or the 850/900/1800/1900 frequencies, perfect for voice calls, SMS messages, GPRS data service, and GPS functions. You can control it using AT commands send via UART with 3.3-4.2V logical levels. 


  • Operating temperature -30 ℃ to + 80 ℃;
  • 1KG peak suction
  • Low standby current
  • Operating Voltage 3.3V-4.2V;
  • Power voltage> 3.4V;
  • Standby average current 3ma less;
  • Support the GSM / GPRS four bands, including 850,900,1800,1900MHZ;
  • Support China Mobile and China Unicom's 2G GSM network worldwide;
  • GPRS Class 10;
  • Sensitivity <-105;
  • Support voice calls;
  • Support SMS text messaging;
  • Support GPRS data traffic, the maximum data rate, download 85.6Kbps, upload 42.8Kbps;
  • Supports standard GSM07.07,07.05 AT commands and extended commands Ai-Thinker;
  • Supports two serial ports, a serial port to download an AT command port;
  • AT command supports the standard AT and TCP / IP command interface;
  • Support digital audio and analog audio support for HR, FR, EFR, AMR speech coding;
  • Support ROHS, FCC, CE, CTA certification;
  • SMT 42PIN
  • Dimensions(mm):76.0(L)x55.0(W)x23.5(H)
Library: GitHub - bmericc/AiThinker_A7: An ESP8266/Arduino library for communicating with the Ai-Thinker A7 ( A6 A20 ) GSM GPRS module

Inclusions:  1 x  A7 GPRS GSM GPS Board for Arduino and Raspberry Pi


A7 GPRS GSM GPS Board for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

A7 GPRS GSM GPS Board for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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