ECG Heart Pulse Sensor Module AD8232

ECG Heart Pulse Sensor Module AD8232

Are you looking for a pulse sensor that could give you a faster heart rate data response and a more accurate sensor? Then this one would give you readings that you could never compare with others.

This sensor uses the AD8232 chip. It is an integrated signal conditioning block for electrocardiogram (ECG) and other biopotential measurement applications. It can extract, amplify, and filter small biopotential signals in noisy conditions, such as those created by motion or remote electrode placement.

This sensor can implement a two-pole high-pass filter for eliminating motion artifacts and the electrode half-cell potential. The filter embedded is tightly coupled with the instrumentation architecture of the amplifier to allow both substantial gain and high-pass filtering in a single stage, thereby saving space and cost.

It also has an op-amp that enables this module to make a three-pole low-pass filter to remove additional noise. The frequency cutoff of all filters can be selected to suit different types of applications. It has an ultralow-power analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to acquire the output signal easily.

You can use multiple electrodes on this module and connect to different parts for a more accurate reading of the pulse rate. This sensor has 9 pins for a unique function.

The pinout of this sensor is as follows: SDN, LO+, LO-, OUTPUT, GND, 3.3V, 5V. These pins are to communicate with Arduino or any microcontroller. It has 3 pins that are for the inputs, namely left arm(LA), right arm(RA), right leg(RL), and an electrode or sensor is to connect the pins for getting the sensor reading.

It could serve as a monitoring device, but it is highly recommended for prototype use only.

Note: This product is NOT a medical device and is not intended to be used as such or as an accessory to such nor diagnose or treat any conditions.


  • Operating Voltage - 3.3V
  • Analog Output
  • Leads-Off Detection
  • Shutdown Pin
  • LED Indicator
  • 3.5mm Jack for Biomedical Pad Connection

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ECG Heart Pulse Sensor Module AD8232

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