Out Of Stock Conductive Sewing Thread 1M

Conductive Sewing Thread 1M

Jumper wires are great for anything except for wearable electronics. Imagine wires dangling throughout your clothes and pants. It's not only inconvenient but very, very, very itchy. This is where this conductive sewing thread shines. At first glance, it looks like your ordinary sewing thread but in reality, it is stainless steel fiber. You can sew it into clothing and solder the ends to electronics. What makes this conductive sewing thread different from the others is that is made up of stainless steel (as opposed to plated silver) and it doesn't have a Nylon core. It may be a little bit challenging to solder but it won't burn easily. 


  • Electrical conductivity:6Ω/30cm
  • Weight:0.15g/30cm
Library: None


  • Conductive Sewing Thread - 1m x 1
Documents: None

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Conductive Sewing Thread 1M

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