Voltage Sensor Module 25V

Voltage Sensor Module 25V

A simple but very useful module which uses a potential divider to reduce any input voltage by a factor of 5. This allows you to use the analogue input of a microcontroller to monitor voltages much higher than it capable of sensing. For example with a 0-5V analogue input range you are able to measure a voltage up to 25V. The module also includes convenient screw terminals for easy and secure connection of a wire.


  • Divider ratio: 5:1
  • Resistor Tolerance: 1%
  • Max input voltage: 25V 
  • Resistor Value: 30K/7.5K Ohm


    • 1....GND
    • 2....0-25V
    • 1...Sense
    • 2...N/C
    • 3...GND

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Voltage Sensor Module 25V

  • Brand: OEM
  • Product Code: AB116
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