Tweezers Set Vetus ESD Series

Tweezers Set Vetus ESD Series

Using tweezers is a must, especially if you are dealing with small components like an SMD component. It can be handy in soldering small components as well. This kit has all the necessary tweezers for different applications.

This pack includes 6 unique tweezers that are made by Vetus. It is with anti-magnetic stainless steel. It is also anti-acid, anti-corrosion, and anti-static. It is made with 302(S30200) and has a hardness of HRC40° to 50°.

This tweezers series includes the following: ESD-10 that is good in holding components for installing removing, or replacing, as well as for soldering; ESD-11 is a more extended version of ESD-10.

ESD-12 has a high elasticity and can hold your components with more grip. ESD-13 has a rounded end to keep the sensitive components from damage. It is suitable for the extraction of ICs. ESD-14 with an extra-fine tip for high density integrated circuit chip; and ESD-15 with a bent ending for extracting components on narrow spaces.

This tweezers could be handy in a wide range of usage, from holding small ICs to extracting components on places that have a small


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Tweezers Set Vetus ESD Series

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