A tool is any physical item that can be used to achieve a goal, especially if the item is not consumed in the process. We rely on tools to build our project quickly, efficiently and safely. We have assorted tools here namely: wire strippers, brush, tape and many more.
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USB Micro Cable with Switch ON/OFF button

This cable will also work with anything that has a MicroUSB port.  This cable does not transfer..


Welding Auxiliary Adjustable Clamp Bracket Clamp Universal Clamp Bench Seat SN-390

Adjustable welding assistant holder is made of metal base and ABS arm, which working principle equat..


Wire Stripper Self Adjusting

We got to admit that wire strippers are hard to use when you don't know how it operates. Luckily, we..


Wire stripper-cutter Multi-size 5023

We've upgraded our basic 'adjustable' wire strippers to these multi-sized wire strippers. They inclu..


Wire Strippers Cutter

This wire strippers is extremely handy and comfortable to use. It used for stripping and cutting the..


Wire Strippers Hakko Professsional Quality 20-30 AWG CSP-30

These are the finest wire strippers we have used, and if you have to do a lot of wiring, you will ag..