From school, we’ve been taught that the movement of molecules and atoms produces heat (kinetic energy) and the greater the movement, the more heat that is generated. The amount of heat energy, or even coldness, that is generated by an object or system can be measured by a temperature sensor. Temperature sensors produces either an analogue or digital output for us to “sense”or detect any physical change to the temperature.

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Humidity Sensor Module - HR202

The HR202 Humidity Sensor Module can be applied to the storage compartment, indoor air quality contr..


Infrared Thermometer MLX90614 Breakout Board

This is a MELEXIS MLX90614ESF-BAA-000-TU-ND non-contact infrared thermometer for use with Arduino, o..


Temperature & Humidity Capacitive Digital AM2301 Sensor

This temperature & Humidity sensor is a wired version of the DHT21, in a large plastic body. It ..


Temperature & Humidity MTH02 Digital Sensor

Japan's Hokuriku resistive humidity sensor production as a Temperature & Humidity sensor.Applica..


Temperature and Humidity DHT11 Sensor

This Temperature and Humidity DHT11 Sensor features a calibrated digital signal output. By using the..


Temperature and Humidity Sensor

This module can help you detect the temperature and humidity of the environment of your house.The mo..


Temperature and Humidity Sensor DHT11 Gravity

DFRobot's latest generation of digital Temperature and Humidity sensor is as powerful as it used to ..


Temperature and Humidity Sensor DHT22 Gravity

Temperature and Humidity Sensor DHT22 Gravity. DHT22 capacitive humidity sensing digital temperature..


Temperature Humidity Sensor DHT 11 Grove

This temperature & humidity sensor provides a pre-calibrated digital output. A unique capacitive..


Temperature Humidity Sensor HDC1000 Grove

Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor (HDC1000) utilizes a HDC1000 sensor, which was designed by T..


Temperature Infrared Thermometer Module

The TNm infrared thermometer module is is a long distance thermometer specially designed for a high ..


Temperature Linear LM35 Analog Sensor

The Temperature Linear LM35 Analog Sensor is based on the semiconductor LM35 temperature sensor. The..


Temperature Sensor DS18B20 for Arduino

While there are many types of temperature sensors available in the market, the DS18B20 Temperature S..


Temperature Sensor MCP9808 High Accuracy I2C Breakout Board

This I2C digital temperature sensor is one of the more accurate/precise we've ever seen, with a typi..


Temperature Sensor Waterproof DS18B20 kit

If you are familiar with our product, you will find there is waterproof temperature sensor named DS1..


Temperature Waterproof One Wire Sensor DS18B20

This is a Temperature Waterproof One Wire Sensor DS18B20. Handy for when you need to measure somethi..


Thermistor Wired NTC 10K 0.5m

This wired thermistor is popular used in Industrial Applications such as air condition and heater, w..


Thermocouple Amplifier MAX31855 breakout board (MAX6675 upgrade) v2.0

Thermocouple Amplifier MAX31855 breakout board (MAX6675 upgrade) v2.0. Thermocouples are very sensit..


Thermocouple K-Type Digital Converter

In general, we do not need to measure temperature too high, but in some experiments or industrial, a..


Thermocouple Wire - TP01

The fiber optic Temperature Probe TP-01 is a high precision temperature probe for use in a wide temp..