Get your Sound sensors (vibrations sensors) here. Sound sensors have the ability to detect pressure differences in the air and transform them into electrical signals, the ones we receive in the wiring board as analog input. Sound sensors can be discerned as simple microphones. Wherein the signals received would be so low that they usually need additional components that allow to amplify it.
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MEMS microphone sound sensor

MEMS microphone sound sensor. This tiny breakout board features the ADMP401 MEMs microphone. One of ..


Piezo Vibration Sensor Grove

Piezo Vibration Sensor Grove is suitable for measurements of flexibility, vibration, impact and touc..


Sound Sensor

The Sound sensor module is a simple microphone. Based on the power amplifier LM386 and the electret ..


Sound Sensor Analog

This is an updated version of the Sound Sensor Analog. Sound Sensor Analog is typically used in dete..


Vibration Sensor Module - SW-420

The Vibration module based on the vibration sensor SW-420 and Comparator LM393 to detect if there is..