A sensor is a device that detects and responds to some type of input from the physical environment. The specific input could be light, heat, motion, moisture, pressure, or any one of a great number of other environmental phenomena. The output is generally a signal that is converted to human-readable display at the sensor location or transmitted electronically over a network for reading or further processing. 

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Night Vision Camera 5MP for Raspberry Pi

This 5MP Night Vision Camera for Raspberry Pi is compatible with every version of Raspberry Pi, an..


Non-contact Digital Water / Liquid Level Sensor For Arduino Gravity

This is a non-contact water / liquid level sensor for Arduino. It utilizes advanced signal processin..


Non-Contact Liquid Level Switch

This Non-Contact Liquid Level Switch  can be triggered when the liquid level fall below the..


Opto Interrupter ITR8104

The ITR8104 is an infrared emitting diode and also a phototransistor NPN. It is encased in a speci..


ORP Analog Meter V1.0

In the ever-increasing need and awareness for health and safety, water has become a focus point for ..


ORP Kit Atlas Scientific

This is the ORP Kit, a large sensor kit that measures the ability of a solution to act as an oxidizi..


pH 10.00 Calibration Solution Liquid

pH 10.00 Works with any pH Probe 125ml (4oz) or 250ml (8oz) ±0.02 pH at 25°C Standardized ag..


pH 4.00 Calibration Solution Liquid

pH 4.00 Works with any pH Probe 125ml ±0.02 pH at 25°C standardized against NIST-certified r..


pH 7.00 Calibration Solution Liquid

DETAILS:pH 7.00Works with any pH Probe125ml (4oz) or 250ml (8oz)±0.02 pH at 25°CStandardized against..


pH Meter Pro Analog Sensor

This is an Analog pH Meter Kit with industrial real-time online electrode, specially designed for ..


pH Meter Sensor Analog Kit (Arduino Compatible)

You may now measure water quality and other parameters affordably. It also Arduino Compatible, -- es..


pH Meter Sensor Kit Arduino Raspberry Pi Compatible Atlas Scientific

Need to measure precise pH? This kit includes everything you need including buffer solutions for..


pH Probe Atlas Scientific

This pH Probe can be fully submerged in fresh water or salt water, up to the BNC connector indefin..


pH Sensor Meter Analog Kit V2 Gravity for Arduino

This pH meter V2 is designed to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. Common uses are for..


pH Sensor Meter Analog Spear Tip Kit for Soil and Food Applications Gravity

This spear tip pH sensor/meter kit can directly stab into semisolid material to measure the pH val..


Photocell mini photo-resistor

This type of Photocell Mini photo-resistor is made of environment-friendly materials(no Cadmium and ..


Photoelectric Counter IR LM393

This is a photoelectric infrared sensor that is integrated with LM393 chip. It is tiny and easy-to-u..


Photosensitive Diode Sensor Module

Photosensitive diode module is the most sensitive for environmental light intensity, generally used ..


Piezo Disk Vibration Sensor Digital Gravity

The DFRobot Vibration Sensor buffers a piezoelectric transducer that responds to strain changes ..


Piezo Large Enclosed Element w/ Wires

This large (30mm diameter) piezo element is nicely enclosed with mounting holes so you can attach ea..


Piezo Small Enclosed with Wires

This small (14mm diameter) piezo element is nicely enclosed so you can attach easily. Piezo elements..


Piezo Vibration Sensor Grove

Piezo Vibration Sensor Grove is suitable for measurements of flexibility, vibration, impact and touc..


Piezo Vibration Sensor Large

This basic piezo sensor is often used for flex, touch, vibration and shock measurements. A small AC ..


Piezo Vibration Sensor Large with Mass

This basic piezo sensor is often used for flex, touch, vibration and shock measurements. A small AC ..


Piezo Vibration Sensor Small Horizontal

The Minisense 100 from Measurement Specialties is a low-cost cantilever-type vibration sensor loaded..


Piezo Vibration Sensor Small Vertical

The Minisense 100 is a low-cost cantilever-type vibration sensor loaded by a mass to offer high sens..


PIR Micro Motion Detection Sensor AM312

AM312 body sensors modules: a passive body based on the digital intelligent infrared technology, aut..


PIR Motion Sensor Grove

This is a simple to use PIR motion sensor with Grove compatible interface. Simply connect it to Stem..


PIR Motion Sensor HC SR505

HC-SR505 Mini PIR Motion Sensor is based on infrared technology and it can automatic control by itse..


PIR Motion Sensor Module Digital HC-SR501

This is a highly integrated module popularly used for entry detection, it can simply and easily to a..