Relay Adjustable Timer Micro USB Power Module

Relay Adjustable Timer Micro USB Power Module

Have you ever thought of making a system that could set off an alarm when it detects something? This relay module may be used as a switch to turn on a light bulb, an alarm, or even other electronic components that you desire.

This module includes a mechanical relay that could control components with a voltage rating of up to 30VDC 10A and 250VAC 10A. The timer ranges from 0 to 24 seconds and adjusts using the on-board potentiometer. The interval time could change by replacing the potentiometer or the larger capacitor with a different value. For example, a 22µF capacitor with a potentiometer of 1mΩ can output a timer of up to 24.2 seconds following the formula T = 1.1 x R x C.

It has built-in LEDs that indicate when the module is powered and when it is triggered.

The input signal terminal uses a pull-up and filter circuit, enhanced anti-jamming capability, making it suitable for industrial use.

This module could be powered up using a micro-USB port, but you could also connect this to a microcontroller. It has 3 pins broken out for the signal as well as the power supply.

You could use this in projects like an anti-burglar system.

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Relay Adjustable Timer Micro USB Power Module

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