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Extruder 50mm Fan

This is a 50mm (1.97") cooling fan.  It is powered by simple 2 wires (+-) . It features a doubl..


Heat Sink 11x11x5.5 Silver

A heat sink is a passive heat exchanger that cools a device by dissipating heat into the surrounding..


Heatsink Self-Adhesive Pure Copper

This high quality, low profile, pure copper heatsink is a perfect solution for cooling off small sur..


Heatsink TO-220 Clip-On

Get the most out of your regulators, transistors and other TO-220 packaged chips by clipping on a he..


Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+ Heatsink Kit

A heat sink kit for raspberry pi 2/model B+, it can avoid the overheat of your main-control chip. Th..


Raspberry Pi DC 5V 0.13A Cooling Fan

Raspberry Pi DC 5V 0.13A Cooling Fan. This cooling fan is designed for Raspberry Pi Model B B+ 2 3 ...


Raspberry Pi Ultimate Cooling Dual Fan

Is your RaspberryPi overheating? Whether it’s in a hot environment or your RPi is crunching non-stop..