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Mini Water Pump Submersible DC 3-6V Black

Mini Water Pump Submersible DC 3-6V Black - This DC Motor pump is a budget-friendly pump for your DIY Arduino projects. It can submerge and operates from a 2.5 ~ 6V power supply. It takes up 120 liters per hour with low current consumption of 220mA. Just connect the tube pipe to the motor outlet, submerge it in water, and power it. Make sure that the water level is always higher than the motor. The dry run may damage the motor due to heating and create noise.

We also have the color white version here.


  • Operating Current: 130 ~ 220mA
  • Flow Rate: 80 ~ 120 L/H
  • Maximum Lift: 40 ~ 110 mm
  • Continuous Working Life: 500 hours
  • Driving Mode: DC, Magnetic Driving
  • Material: Engineering Plastic
  • Outlet Outside Diameter: 7.5 mm
  • Outlet Inside Diameter: 5 mm

Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Water Pump Submersible DC 3-6V Black

Q1: Can a sump pump be left on all the time?

A submersible pump can be run continuously, but be aware that its shelf life will suffer. Therefore, the submersible pump should run in spurts for improved performance and greater longevity.
You should not leave a sump pump running if there is no water present to pump. If you observe this activity, call a plumber to determine the source of the issue. Sump pumps operate smoothly when they don’t develop problems.

Q2: How long after a lot of rain should a sump pump run?

Sump pumps often start working for two to three days following a significant downpour. The pump will eventually filter out a lot of groundwater. If it takes longer, though, consider looking into whether the pump is genuinely still draining water.

Q3. For my flooded basement, which submersible water pump do I need?

Purchasing the basement requires knowledge of BS8102:2009 and suitable structural waterproofing expertise. For instance, you should be aware of how the water source interacts with the earth and your construction. The projected water flow, soil composition, and size of the basement slab are typically taken into consideration while choosing the sump chambers.
Water that has accumulated in a water collection system is removed by a sump pump. A pump chamber, internal pipe valves, and operation are all referred to as a pump station. If utilized for groundwater purposes, it ought to have two sump pumps.

Q4: What is a submersible electrical pump?

A submersible pump uses an electric motor that can be either oil- or water-cooled. Any form of pump, including AC, DC, PMSM, Brushless DC, and/or SynRM, may be used.
Q5: What are the various kinds of submersible pumps?

Submersible pumps come in a wide variety of varieties. The type of water or waste that each can pump is ultimately the only distinction between the two. Wastewater/sewage submersibles and drainage submersible pumps are the two most popular varieties.

1. Drainage Submersible Pumps

Drainage is where this kind of pump is most frequently used. This kind of pump is made by companies like Grundfos and KSB and has a wide range of applications. They are most frequently utilized to remove extra water from basements or cellars that are prone to flooding. Please be advised that you must pump the water to a location that is both safe and appropriate if you purchase this sort of pump. Additionally, you can buy a "lifting station" that can drain water securely off the land and store it in a tank.

2. Wastewater/Sewage Submersibles

If you intend to pump sewage or wastewater, you might think about getting something a little more robust. The ideal filthy water pump is the CalpedaGXCm 40b. These kinds of pumps are appropriate for tasks like emptying septic tanks or removing wastewater from industrial processes where there are particles in the water.

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Mini Water Pump Submersible DC 3-6V Black

Mini Water Pump Submersible DC 3-6V Black

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