Power Supply

Power Supply

A power supply is an electronic device that supplies electric energy to an electrical load. The primary function of a power supply is to convert one form of electrical energy to another and, as a result, power supplies are sometimes referred to as electric power converters.

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Hand-Cranked Generator Dynamo

This is a very fun miniature hand-cranked generator. you can easily turn on the LED light by using i..


In-line power switch for 2.1mm barrel jack

Add a power switch to any project simply by plugging this between the power supply. This is the most..


JST 2-pin Extension Cable with On/Off Switch - JST PH2

By popular request - we now have a way you can turn on-and-off Lithium Polymer batteries without unp..


JST-PH 2-Pin SMT Right Angle Connector

A simple 2-pin connector that is compatible with the "JST PH 2-pin" connector - perfect for solderin..


JST-PH Battery Extension Cable 500mm

By popular demand, we now have a handy extension cord for all of our JST-terminated battery packs (s..


JST-PH Switched 2-Pin SMT Right Angle Breakout Board

This switched JST connector is the best way to quickly prototype with our LiPoly batteries. We paire..


LED Current Meter 10A Green

This is a standard LED Current Meter 10A. It measures 0-9.99A with 2% accuracy. Best suitable for cu..


LED Driver 1W 350mA PWM Light Dimmer DC DC Step Down Module

LEDs give projects a colorful aesthetics, but it also requires much power if you want a series of LE..


LED Voltage Meter Blue

This is a standalone DC voltage meter. It measures 3V-30V with 1% accuracy.  Best suited for ba..


Li-Ion Polymer Battery Charger Balancer 80W 5A

This charger is designed to accurately balances and charges the Lithium Polymer, LiFe (A123), NiCd a..


LilyPad CR2032 Coin Cell Battery Holder - Switched - 20mm

Sure, your flashing, chip-tune playing T-shirt is really cool at the party... but at some point you ..


LilyPad LiPower

A small, but very mighty power supply. This board was designed to be as small and inconspicuous as p..


LilyPad Power Supply AAA Battery

A small, but mighty power supply. This board was designed to be as small and inconspicuous as possib..


Lithium Ion Battery 400mAh

This is a very small, extremely lightweight battery based on Lithium Ion chemistry, with the highest..


Lithium Ion Battery 850mAh

These are very slim, extremely light weight batteries based on Lithium Ion chemistry. Each cell outp..


Low Current Lithium Ion Battery Pack - 2500 mAh (USB)

We've taken the classic, portable, rechargeable lithium ion battery pack and tweaked the design to m..


Micro Lipo with MicroUSB Jack USB LiIon or LiPoly charger v1 Adafruit

Oh so handy, this little lipo charger is so small and easy to use you can keep it on your desk or mo..


Micro USB Battery Lithium 18650 Charging Board TP4056 5V 1A

Easily charge your 18650 batteries with this module. It offers to overcharge protection with current..


MicroUSB Battery Holder 3xAA

This battery holder can hold 3 AA batteries which provides 3.6V rechargeable battery pack with NiMH ..


MicroUSB Plug to 5.5 / 2.1mm DC Barrel Jack Adapter

MicroUSB Plug to 5.5 / 2.1mm DC Barrel Jack Adapter. The premise of this MicroUSB Plug to 5.5/2.1mm ..


MicroUSB to 5-5-2-1mm DC Barrel Jack Adapter

The premise of this MicroUSB to 5.5/2.1mm DC Barrel Jack Adapter is simple. There's a MicroUSB plug ..


Mobile Power DIY Board MH-CD42 DC 5V 2.1A

Providing mobile power for your DIY projects has never been easier with the MH-CD42 Power DIY board!..


MOSFET N-channel power 30V / 60A

When you need to switch a lot of power, N channel MOSFETs are best for the job. These FETs can switc..


Op Amp Dual Rail-to-Rail 2.7-6V power @ 80mA output TLV2462

When you need to amplify, filter, add, or otherwise manipulate analog signals you'll certainly want ..


Passive PoE Injector Cable Set

Simplify your Internet of Things with a passive PoE injector cable. These are quite handy for projec..


Power Module 3.3V AMS1117

This power supply module is based on the AMS1117 3.3V regulator. It is capable of regulating a wide ..


Powerboost & Charger Module MP2636

In many applications, we will use lithium batteries as our power solutions. In this kind of applicat..


PowerBoost 1000 Charger Rechargeable 5V Lipo USB Boost 1A 1000C

PowerBoost 1000C is the perfect power supply for your portable project! With a built-in load-sharing..


PowerBoost 500 Charger - Rechargeable 5V Lipo USB Boost @ 500mA+

PowerBoost 500C is the perfect power supply for your portable project! With a built-in battery charg..