Out Of Stock NFC Card Tag 13.56MHz 5PCS

NFC Card Tag 13.56MHz 5PCS

This cheap yet efficient RFID card could be the answer to your access controls. You may use this RFID card for any RFID reader that has a frequency of 13.56mHz, namely MFRC522, PN532 and other varieties of RFID reader. This card has 8kb of memory.


  • 1 KiloByte (8 KiloBit) non-volatile EEPROM storage
  • Built in encryption engine with 48-bit key
  • 4 Byte unique identifier burned into the chip
  • 13.56 MHz frequency
  • 85.5mm x 54mm x 1mm /3.36" x 2.1" x 0.03"
  • 6.3 grams / 0.2 oz
  • Works about 2" away from reader

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NFC Card Tag 13.56MHz 5PCS

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