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Servo Titanium Alloy Teeth Shell Short Body Digital 9kg Servo DM-S0911M

This servo motor is ideal for RC, drone, robotics projects. It has a high precision titanium alloy g..


Servo Micro SG92R FPV RC Drone 9g 2.5kg Torque

A small servo that is the best for your Drone, RC , Robotics projects. Any servo code, hardware or l..


9V battery box compartment with socket DC plug

This simple holder allows users to connect 9v batteries to any 2.1mm DC barrel jacks. Great for powe..


Battery Charger 4.2v 8.4v Double Lion Battery Compatible 2A TP5100

The use of TP5100 are for under voltage protection, over temperature protection, short circuit prote..


Arduino Nano CH340 ATmega328 Unsoldered

Do you ever need an Arduino Nano to fit in your custom PCB setup. This Arduino Nano solves that prob..


Tamiya 72004 Worm Gearbox Kit

The primary feature of the Tamiya 72004 Worm Gearbox from Tamiya’s high-efficiency series is a worm ..


Tamiya 72008 4-Speed Worm Gearbox Kit

The Tamiya 72008 4-Speed Worm Gearbox kit includes one brushed DC motor and all the gears and parts ..


Tamiya 72007 4-Speed High-Power Gearbox Kit

A customizable 4-Speed High-Power Gearbox. This Tamiya 72007 can be configured into 39.6:1, 47.6:1, ..


STM32F103C8T6 ARM STM32 Minimum System Development Board Module

A much more powerful board than the standard Arduino uno. The STM32F103xx incorporates the high-perf..


LCD 12864 Display 128*64 DOTS

This module is a 2.7 inch 128x64 LCD display. It communicates through 8080 8-bit parallel interface ..


LCD 0802 Character Display Module 5V Green

The LCD 0802, as the name suggests, is a 8 character in 2 lines display module. It has an internal c..


LCD 0802 Character Display Module 5V Blue

The LCD 0802 is a low-power consuming LCD module. It has a built-in controller for easy interfa..


Tamiya 70098 Universal Plate Set

This is designed by Tamiya. It is compatible with multiple Tamiya products but you can also use this..


4.5-20V Fine-Adjust Step-Up Voltage Regulator U3V70A

The series of U3V70x are step-up voltage regulators. They are high-current, high-efficiency syn..


Mini Pushbutton Power Switch with Reverse Voltage Protection LV

A solid-state build, compact and a built-in reverse voltage protection, this is the Pololu pushbutto..


Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino Pololu

This motor driver shield is equipped with the robust VNH5019 from ST. It can operate from 5.5 to 24 ..


VNH5019 Motor Driver Carrier

This motor driver is based from ST's VNH5019 IC. It can handle bidirectional speed control of a solo..


Basic Sumo Blade for Zumo Chassis

This device also called a scoop and for the use of Zumo chassis. and included as part of the as..


MC33926 Motor Driver Carrier

The MC33926 motor driver carrier will offer up to nearly 3 a continuous current to one brushed DC mo..