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Battery Rechargeable 3.7V 18650 40A High Drain

Are you looking for a battery that supercharge your Robot? This battery will fit that need as it p..


FeatherWing NeoPixel 4x8 RGB LED

A Feather board without ambition is a Feather board without FeatherWings! This is the NeoPixel Feath..


FeatherWing Adalogger RTC SD

This featherwing is an add-on for your feather boards from Adafruit. It conveniently add Real Time C..


Relay 1 Channel 24V Level Trigger Optocoupler Module Arduino

This relay could be controlled with 24V trigger. It also has a optocoupler to interconnect two separ..


Distance Sensor 15cm GP2Y0D810Z0F Carrier Sharp

A compact digital sensor that has low current draw and short measuring distance. A good option for..


Distance Sensor 10cm GP2Y0D810Z0F Carrier Sharp

The Distance Sensor 10cm GP2Y0D810Z0F Carrier Sharp is a compact sensor that can measure objects b..


Distance Sensor 5cm GP2Y0D805Z0F Carrier Sharp

The Distance Sensor 5cm GP2Y0D805Z0F Carrier Sharp is a compact distance sensor that can detect ob..


Distance Sensor 10-150cm GP2Y0A60SZLF Sharp 3V

The Distance Sensor 10-150cm GP2Y0A60SZLF is manufactured by Sharp. It has a detection range of..


Cable Tie Nylon 3" x 2.5mm 50PCS

This is a useful device for your Arduino projects that has a lot of messy wires. Simply fasten, and ..


Cable Tie Nylon 4" x 2.5mm 50PCS

This is perfect for your Arduino projects that has a lot of wiring it. This product is also know as ..


Cable Spiral Wrap 15mm

This Black Spiral Cable Wrap is 1 meter long (3.28 feet) and has an adjustable diameter of 15mm to 1..


PIR Micro Motion Detection Sensor AM312

AM312 body sensors modules: a passive body based on the digital intelligent infrared technology, aut..


DC Coreless Motor 3.7v 8520

This DC Coreless Motor 3.7v 50000rpm is good for DIY Indoor FPV Quadcopter Drone.APPLICATIONS:Q..


Ball Caster 3PI N20

This ball caster can be used as a general-purpose ball caster.QUICK SPECS:Height: 1.5cmDistance betw..


Real Time Clock Module DS1307 Raspberry Pi 3

This RTC module is specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi. It communicates with Raspberry Pi thr..


Ethernet Module W5500

This NIREN W5500 is a Ethernet module that basic on the new type chip W5500, The W5500 chip is a Har..


Voice Recognition Module V3

This product is a speaker-dependent voice recognition module. It supports up to 80 voice commands in..


Distance Sensor 0-40m LIDAR Lite v3

The LIDAR Lite V3 is the go-to distance sensor when space and weight is tight. It is used for drone ..


LCD RGB I2C 16x2 Gravity

Accustomed to the same LCD screen, do you want to have a different experience? DFRobot LCD1602 will ..


LED Piranha Module Digital Red Gravity

Piranha LED light module (Red), and special sensors Arduino board and ambient light sensor extension..