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Antenna Mini GSM Cellular Quad-Band Antenna 2dBi SMA Plug

This 2.4"/61mm long antenna has 2dBi of gain and 50Ω impedance so it will work fantastically with ju..


Humidity Digital Sensor SHT30-D

SHT3x-DIS is the next generation of Sensirion’stemperature and humidity sensors. It builds on a newC..


Drill Chuck Adapter 2.3mm for Motor Shaft 0.7-1.4mm

It is used for 2.3 mm motor shaft for clamping drill of 0.7 mm to 1.4 mm.Ensure lock bit concen..


DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Digital Sensor

QUICK SPECS:Type:DHT22/AM2302Accuracy resolution:0.1Humidity range:0-100%RHTemperature range:-40~80H..


Bluetooth XBee USB Adapter

QUICK SPECS:3.3V and 5V IO compatibleUSB 2.0 protocolBitBang mode readyEasily connected to a PC via ..


Rotary Encoder Module

The M274 360 Degree rotary encoder is a rotary input device (as in knob) that provides an indication..



QUICK SPECS:Through the USB to TTL moduleBattery power supply interface; Contains 2 LED light, ..


DTMF MT8870 Audio Decoder Module

The MT8870 module is a low power device DTMF decoder chip. It is a complete DTMF receiver integrat..


Vibration Micro Motor 3V 0.3A

QUICK SPECS:Rated voltage : DC 3VNo-load current: 0.3APlugging current: 0.45ASpeed : 2450RPMMicro Vi..


GSM GPRS Module SIM800L V2

The SIM800L module is a complete Quad-band GSM/GPRS solution in a LGA type which can be embedded in ..


USB Battery Lithium 18650 Charging Board 5V 1A

QUICK SPECS:Input voltage: 5V Charging cut-off voltage: 4.2V ± 1% Maximum charge current: ..


SPI Flash Storage Module W25Q64 64Mbit FV

QUICK SPECS:Using serial nor flash external expansion memory chip w25q64 Support SPI Interface&..


DC DC Buck Module XL4016E1 XH-M401 8A Regulator

QUICK SPECS:Product name: DC voltage regulatorRegulating mode: PWM modulationInput voltage: DC4-40VO..


DC Aircraft Propeller Geared Motor 720

This DC Aircraft Propeller Geared Motor 720 is well suited for DIY aircraft.  QUICK SPECS:..


Current AC Sensor 5A

The Electricity sensor module is based on the TA12-100 current transformer which can change large al..


Lock Small Electric Cabinet DC 12V

Smart Electromagnetic Lock is a lock for special purpose to open door with electric energy and manua..


Header Female 1x16 5PCS

Single row of 16-holes, female header. Can be cut to size with a pair of wire-cutters with standard ..


Female Bend Header 2.54mm 40Pin

This is a pack which includes 40-pin bend female header. They have 2.54mm spacing between pins.SPECI..


Header Female 2.00mm 10Pin 5PCS

This is a pack which includes 5pcs 10 pin female header. We use this header on all our XBee series m..


Servo DSS-M15S 270° 15KG DF Metal with Analog Feedback

DSS-M15S servos have been well received by customers in these years. It has extremely wide angle ran..


Crystal Oscillator Pack

This crystal kit include 7 common value crystals.If you do not sure what crystal you may need, get t..


Laser Photoelectric Switch GAB100M-AK-5V

This is a photoelectric switch that is composed of emitter and receptor.The emitter consists of a la..


Wheel Solarbotics RW2

The Solarbotics RW2 is a 1.1-inch diameter rubber wheel for 3 mm diameter output shafts. These wheel..


Zumo Chassis Kit

The Pololu Zumo chassis is a small, tracked robot platform that is less than 10 cm on each side, all..


Sumo Solarbotics K SV Sumovore Mini Kit

If you have been thinking about getting your own mini sumo robot but were waiting for the right kit ..


QTR-3RC Reflectance Sensor Array

This compact module packs three IR LED/phototransistor pairs onto a 1.25″ × 0.3″ board. The sensors ..


Zumo Reflectance Sensor Array

This reflectance sensor module is designed for use with the Zumo shield for Arduino. It has six IR L..


QTR-8A Reflectance Sensor Array

This sensor module has 8 IR LED/phototransistor pairs mounted on a 0.375" pitch, making it a great d..


Raspberry Pi Pack Game HAT Micro SD Card Power Adapter

Note: Raspberry Pi is NOT included. An accessories Pack (type G) to be used with Raspberry Pi. It..