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Gas Sensor MQ6 LPG

It is a simple to use LPG sensor. It can also sense propane and butane concentrations in the air. It..


Jumper Wire Housing 1x3 50PCS

You can customize your jumper wire housing into 1x3. This will enable the easy wiring to your sensor..


Jumper Wire Housing 1x4 50PCS

Ideal for Arduino project that has a lot of jumper wiring. You can convert your jumper wires singles..


RFID Card Reader 125Khz JT308

This RFID Card Reader is ideal for Raspberry Pi projects that has RFID purposes. It is compact and h..


Stepper Motor Driver TB6600

This driver can control a two-phase stepper motor. It is compatible with an Arduino board. It can ha..


Stepper Motor Coupler 5*5MM

If you are building a 3D printer from scratch, you might this coupler. It is designed for 5 x 5 mm b..


LED 5mm Orange 50PCS

Light up your Arduino projects, orange style. The lens size of this LED is 5mm. The brightness is al..


Electrical Conductivity K10 Sensor Kit for Arduino

This sensor measures electrical conductivity in liquid, such as seawater, brine and other. It can me..


NeoPixel RGB LED Strip

There are 60 RBG LEDs per meter and each can be digitally-addressable. You can set can each LED chip..


Keypad 4x3 Matrix Module Plastic Keys for Arduino

Add some old fashioned keypad to your Arduino projects. It has the numbers from 0 to 9 and the c..


Jumper Wire Housing 1x10 2.5mm 50PCS

This is the longest kind of dupont housing we have. It has 10 pin slots, so you can attached a lot..


Jumper Wire Housing 1x6 2.5mm 50PCS

You can convert your jumper wires singles into a 1x6 type. You can now adjust the requirement of y..


Jumper Wire Housing 1x1 2.5mm 50PCS

Slim and black, this is what they characterize this jumper wire housing. The size of this is 1..


Jumper Wire Housing 1x5 2.5mm 50PCS

You can now customize your jumper wires using this 1x5 2.5mm housing. It is compatible with most m..


Screw M2 Button Head Hex Nut 20PCS

If you need a small and discrete screws for your project, then this M2 screws will fit on that requi..


Pliers Crimping 28 20 AWG

These pliers are ideal for crimping small 0.25 to 1.5 mm pins and 28 to 20 AWG wires together. Simpl..


Hook-up Wire Spool Set 22AWG Stranded 6 x 25

Multiple colored wires; red, blue, yellow, green, black and white. Packed for easy use and storage. ..


Wire Stripper Self Adjusting

We got to admit that wire strippers are hard to use when you don't know how it operates. Luckily, we..


M3 50mm hexagonal standoffs mounting kit 10 sets

A standoff is used for holding a circuit board above a metal case. Similar to an Arduino or Raspberr..


M3 10mm hexagonal standoffs mounting kit 10 sets

A standoff is separator of two assembly. This is a hex-type for easy wrenching. One good application..


Relay 1 Channel 12V Level Trigger Optocoupler Module

This relay can be logically controlled with a 12V device. It is equipped with a optocoupler to safel..


Relay 1 Channel 9V Level Trigger Optocoupler Module

This relay can be triggered with a device that has a 9V logic control. It has a normally open interf..


MOSFET F5305S Switch Module

This MOSFET is ideal for Arduino projects that has motor speed and light intensity control. With a M..


Electronics Kit Resistor LED Button Breadboard Wire

This kit is ideal for small Arduino or Raspberry projects. It has the basic materials such as resist..


Op-amp LM358 Dual Operational Amplifiers DIP 3PCS

The LM358 Dual Operational Amplifiers is a low-cost, low-power and easy to use dual channel op-amp. ..


DC Motor 020 15110

This is a tiny DC motor that could fit easily with your DIY Arduino car project. You can power this ..


Solar Panel Flexible 1.5V 250mA

Looking to power-up your wearable projects? This solar panel is the thing for that. You can bend, se..


Battery Rechargeable 3.7V 18650 2200mAh 8.14Wh

One of the size classification of lithium-ion batteries is 18650. This battery can discharge a whopp..


Solar Panel 9V 220mA

This Solar Panel 9V 220mA provides you a practical way on having a renewable energy to power up..


Electronics Kit LED Capacitor Wires Breadboard Resistor

This might be your handy-dandy electronics kit to supply you with the most essential electronic comp..