Motor and Stepper Shield for Arduino

Motor and Stepper Shield for Arduino

Motor and Stepper Shield for Arduino

The Motor& Stepper Shield is based on the dual channel motor driver IC L298P, it is the upgrade version of the Motor Shield , which is based on L298N. Basically, these two boards have the same usage, but the Motor& Stepper Shield has the following upgrades:

Stackable Design.

    The Motor& Stepper Shield uses the L298P and lower heatsink, to make the Motor& Stepper Shield stackable.

Smaller Current Resistance.

    The Motor& Stepper Shield uses smaller current resistance, which is 0.5 ohm, 5W. It can support 3A current at max, which meets the shield’s specifications.

Switch to power on/off

    The switch helps to power on/off the Motor& Stepper Shield, which make it more convenient in using, especially in your building& debugging.

Control Selector Removed.

    To avoid any confusion, especially for beginner, the control selector removed, need 3 Arduino Pins to control each motor.

More Reliable layouts.

    To ensure the L298P works in best status, the PCB layout meets the max current 2A requirments.

More LED Indicators.

    There are 8 LEDs to indicate the Power, RST, Speed, Directions, to help user get the detailed information of working status.


  • The Logic Control Voltage: 4.5~5.5V
  • Motor Supply Voltage: 6~15V
  • Max Drive Current: 2A
  • Maximum Power Dissipation: 25W (T = 75 degree Celsius)
  • Operating Temperature: -25 degree Celsius ~ +130 degree Celsius
  • Output Duty Range: 0%~100%


The heat sink may becomes hot when working with drive current more than 1 A. Do not touching the heat sink to avoid scalding.

Package list

  • Motor& Stepper Shield PCBA x 1
  • 14mmx14mm heatsink x 1

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