mmWave - 24GHz Human Presence Sensing Module (6 Meters)

This high-sensitivity 24GHz human presence sense radar receiver uses FMCW (frequency-modulated continuous wave) to find human targets in the set area. Using radar signal processing and an accurate human sensing method, it can get a high-sensitivity sense of whether or not a person is there. This means it can tell whether a person is moving or standing still and figure out other information, like how far away the target is.

The radar module's ability to sense is not affected by temperature, brightness, humidity, changes in light, etc. Also, FMCW radars can go through things, so this section can work well inside a shell without making any holes.

This microwave radar is mostly used indoors to find out if a person is moving or moving very slowly in the detection area and to show the detection results in real-time. It can sense things up to 6 meters away and has a precision of 0.75m. It also has a serial transmission system that lets users set the sensing distance range, sensing intensity at different intervals, and wait time for different uses.

The module can send data over UART and GPIO (both high-level and low-level). Arduino or other controls can be used in a wide range of projects, such as smart light control, waking up an ad screen when a person walks by, controlling UV light, and keeping your home safe.


  • 5V to 12V source voltage range
  • 120° sensing angle, high sensitivity.
  • Distances up to 6m can be sensed, and the distance number can be sent out.
  • The shape is long and thin with a width of 7mm. It is small and easy to insert.
  • Support UART and GPIO output (high and low level)


  • Smart control of lights
  • People's bodies are used to wake up advertising screens
  • How to stop UV light
  • Safety at home


  • Range of operating frequencies: 24GHz to 24.25GHz
  • Mode of Modulation: FMCW
  • DC 5V-12V is the operating voltage.
  • 80 mA is the average operating current.
  • Detection Distance: 0.75m to 6m (Measured blind zone distance: 30cm)
  • The angle of detection: 60°
  • UART and GPIO (3.3V I/O level) are the interfaces.
  • 57600 is the default Baud Rate.
  • 0.75m is the distance resolution.
  • Bandwidth of sweep: 250MHz
  • Conditions in the air Temperature: -40 to 85°C
  • Size: 7mm x 35mm / 0.28" x 1.38"
  • SH 1.27mm to DuPont 2.54 Connector

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mmWave - 24GHz Human Presence Sensing Module (6 Meters)

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