Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional 4-Chanel 5V-3V

Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional 4-Chanel 5V-3V

Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional 4-Chanel 5V-3V

This modules a 4-Chanel 5V-3V logic convertor that convert the 5V logic communication to 3V and vice versa. It is the bridge of communication between 3V logic device and 5V logic device. For example, if the Uno communicate with your sensor via I2C protocol, but your Arduino Uno is working in 5V logic while you sensor works in 3.3V logic, you can use this convertor to make the communication stable.


  • Four MOSFET to realise four road 3 v and 5 v Logic Converter
  • Power input protection meter, integration 3.3V LDO, and can provide no more than current of 150 mA
  • With power LED, indicate work or not
  • It can realize UART, IIC,one- wire, SPI bus signals such as 3 v to 5 v level of two-way transformation

Part List

1 x 4-Chanel 5V-3V Logic Convertor

2 x 6 pin Connector

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