Distance Sensor 0-40m LIDAR Lite v3

The LIDAR Lite V3 is the go-to distance sensor when space and weight is tight. It is used for drone or robots applications. It has a low power consumption less then 130mA. The accuracy, operating range and measurement time can be configured also.


  • Range: 0-40m Laser Emitter
  • Accuracy: +/- 2.5cm at distances greater than 1m
  • Power: 4.75–5V DC; 6V Max
  • Current Consumption: 105mA idle; 130mA continuous
  • Rep Rate: 1–500Hz
  • Laser Wave Length/Peak Power: 905nm/1.3 watts
  • Beam Divergence: 8m Radian
  • Optical Aperture: 12.5mm
  • Interface: I2C or PWM
  • 20 x 48 x 40 mm (0.8 x 1.9 x 1.6 inches)

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Distance Sensor 0-40m LIDAR Lite v3

  • Brand: Sparkfun
  • Product Code: SEN-14032
  • Availability: 2
  • ₱8,469