Devastator Tank Mobile Platform

18/10/2016 2 Comment(s)

DFRobot proudly presents Devastator Tank Mobile Platform, our newest robot track platform. It is fully compatible with most popular controllers in the market such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and so on.

The Devastator uses high strength aluminium alloy which makes it extremely solid and durable. The high speed motors and premium tracks also allows it to move swiftly everywhere. Whats more, it benefits from a high performance suspension and enjoys an outstanding mobility across even the toughest terrains.


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2 Comment(s)
18/10/2016, 04:26:08 AM,

Amazing! Wanna have one! How?

18/10/2016, 04:28:58 AM,

Just watched its tutorial! Thanks Circuitrocks! For those who are interested to watch it, here's the link:

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