Integrated Circuits

Integrated Circuits
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74HC595 Shift Register 3PCS

Did you just run out of digital pins? Looking for a new microcontroller with a lot of digital pins m..


74LVC245 Breadboard Friendly 8-bit Logic Level Shifter

Most of our customers love using the Arduino for prototyping, design and invention but find themselv..


ADC 16-Bit 4 Channel ADS1115 with Programmable Gain Amplifier

If you are having trouble with lacking Analog pins, you could find this module handy in adding extra..


ADC ADS1015 12-Bit 4 Channel with Programmable Gain Amplifier

Don't fret! There's always an ADC to solve your analog signal problem. The ADC ADS1015 12-Bit 4..


Amplifier TDA3116D2 Dual Channel 12-24V

The TPA31xxD2 series are stereo efficient, digital amplifier power stage for driving speakers up to ..


Atmega328P Bootloader programmed chip Arduino Compatible

Inside every standard Arduino development board is an ATmega 328P microcontroller giving away instru..


ATTINY13A-PU ATTINY13A ATMEL ATTINY13 DIP-8 Original Integrate Circuit Chip

The Microchip picoPower® 8-bit AVR® RISC-based microcontroller features 1 KB of ISP Flash, 64B EEPRO..


Bi-Directional Level Shifter TXB0104

If you're having problems interfacing 5V microcontrollers with 3.3V sensors, then this item is perfe..


Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver for DC or Steppers 600mA L293D

If your motor driver shield suddenly goes crazy, it is probably time to replace your driver chip. Yo..


High Speed Analog / Digital MUX Breakout CD74HC4067 for Arduino

If you are running out of digital pins to control a 16-channel relay on your Arduino Uno? One thing ..


I2C ADC Grove

Grove - I2C ADC is a 12-bit precision ADC module based on ADC121C021. It helps you increase the accu..


I2C Multiplexer TCA9548A

If you want to use the same component, sensor, or module with the same I2C address that you cannot m..


IC 555 Single Timer 3PCS

An 8 pin integrated 555 timer that can produce highly stable timer delays or oscillations...


IO Expander Bidirectional MCP23017

I/O ports play a significant role in microcontrollers' functionality as it is the gateway for device..


Logic Level 8-Channel Bi-directional Converter TXB0108

Because the Arduino (and Basic Stamp) are 5V devices, and most modern sensors, displays, flash cards..


Logic Level Converter 4-channel I2C-safe Bi-directional BSS138

Because the Arduino (and Basic Stamp) are 5V devices, and most modern sensors, displays, flash cards..


Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional 4-Chanel 5V-3V

Some sensors are not compatible with your MCU in terms of its logic level. This module helps you wit..


MAX7219CNG LED Matrix Digit Display Driver MAX7219

When you need some help driving a lot of LEDs, the MAX7219 is the best friend you could hope for. Ma..


MCP23017 i2c 16 input output port expander

Add another 16 pins to your microcontroller using a MCP23017 port expander. The MCP23017 uses two i2..


MCP3008 8 Channel 10 Bit ADC With SPI Interface

Need to add analog inputs? This chip will add 8 channels of 10-bit analog input to your microcontrol..


MCP4725 Breakout Board 12-Bit DAC w/I2C Interface

DACs (Digital to Analog Converters) are not as common as ADCs (Analog to Digital Converters) in a mi..


MOSFET F5305S Switch Module

This MOSFET is ideal for Arduino projects that has motor speed and light intensity control. With a..


Motor Driver IC SN754410

The SN754410NE from Texas Instruments is a quadruple half-H driver that can be used for bidirectiona..


NAND gates SN74LS00 Quad 2-input positive Module

The 74HC00 device contains four independent 2-input NAND gates.74HC00 logic function expression: Y =..


Op Amp Dual Rail-to-Rail 2.7-6V power @ 80mA output TLV2462

When you need to amplify, filter, add, or otherwise manipulate analog signals you'll certainly want ..


Op-amp LM358 Dual Operational Amplifiers DIP 3PCS

The LM358 Dual Operational Amplifiers is a low-cost, low-power and easy to use dual channel op-amp. ..


Quad Level-Shifter 3V to 5V 74AHCT125

Level shifting chips let you connect 3V and 5V devices together safely. This chip is similar to othe..


Real Time Clock Adafruit DS1307 Assembled Breakout Board

This is a great battery-backed real time clock (RTC) that allows your microcontroller project to kee..


RTC DS3231 High Precision Clock Module

If you're looking for an external clock for your Arduino and Raspberry Pi devices, this item is for ..