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DC-DC Step-up Power LM2577 Adjustable Converter Module

LM2577 DC to DC step up switching regulator, adjustable +1.25 to 30vdc output, up to 3A.  The L..


8 Channel Relay Module USB RLY 16 16Amp

The USB-RLY16 provides eight volt free contact relay outputs with a current rating of up to 16Amp ..


AC DC Power Module HLK 2M05

HLK-2M05 5 Volt 2W Ultra-Compact Power Module HLK-5M12 from Hi Link is a isolated power supply modul..


Amplifier Mono Digital Module OEP30W Single Channel

QUICK SPECS:Output short circuit protectionMini small size, easy to installCan be differential input..


Amplifier Mono Digital Module OEP30WX2 Dual Channel

DESCRIPTION:Specifications Model: OEP30Wx2 Work: Class D (PWM modulation) Chip: OEP30Wx2 (..


Amplifier Mono Digital OEP20W Module

QUICK SPECS:Model: OEP20WWork mode: D class (PWM modulation)Chip:OEP20WOperating Voltage: DC6V-18VSi..


Amplifier Signal Microvolt / Millivolt Voltage Module AD620

QUICK SPECS:Input Voltage:DC 3-12VAmplification Times:1.5-1000 times adjustable,zero point adjustabl..


Audio Amplifier Module LM386 AMP (Arduino compatible)

This 386AMP audio amplifier module has 20 voltage gain and uses the National Semiconductor LM386 aud..


Audio Amplifier TDA7297 Module

How to make your speaker more louder or DIY computer speaker? This TDA7297 Audio Amplifier module is..


Battery Lithium 1A Li-ion Charging Module TP4056

QUICK SPECS:Charge Module: Linear chargingCurrent: 1A adjustableCharge Precision: 1.5%Input Voltage:..


BLE Micro - Super Compact BLE Module

Bluno is great but I want small size for my product; Ble-link does well in its work but I don't wa..


Bluetooth 4.0 USB Module v2.1 Back-Compatible

Add Bluetooth capability to your computer super fast with a USB BT 4.0 adapter. This adapter is back..


Bluetooth HC 05 Module

The HC-05 Bluetooth Module can be used in a Master or Slave configuration, making it a great sol..


Bluetooth HC 06 Serial Module

This small size Bluetooth HC-06 Serial Module TTL transceiver module allows your target device to bo..


Bluetooth Low Energy Module HM11 CC2541

This BLE 4.0 module is based on the CC2541 microprocessor. It can be used to communicate with deskto..


Buck / Step Down DC 7.5V-35V to 5V L7805 Module

DESCRIPTION:Step down power moduleInput volt:7.5V-35VOutput volt:5Voutput current:1.5A(MAX) ..


Button Five Key Analog Module

AD Keyboard module allows you to use an analog port to read the five key states, save for the IO por..


Buzzer Module

By connecting the I/O pins of this simple-to-use buzzer module to Arduino's digital output pin, HIGH..


Can-Bus Module MCP2515

CAN-BUS is a common industrial bus because of its long travel distance, medium communication speed a..


Capacitive Touch Module

Are you tired with clicking mechanic button? Try our capacitive touch sensor. Right now we can find ..


Capacitive Touch Module 4 Channel TTP224

The Capacitive Touch Module 4 Channel TTP224 is a 4 touch key module. It is a innovative way on elim..


Controllable Four Outlet Power Relay Module

Say goodbye to hazardous high voltage wiring and create the Internet of Things with safe, reliable p..


Crash Sensor Module for Arduino

Frequently known as a micro switch, is an electric switch that is actuated by very little physical f..


DC DC 5A Constant Current LED Driver Module

Because these boards have both constant current and constant voltage modes, you can use them to dire..


DC DC 5V Boost Charging Module 134N3P

FEATURES:Charging and discharging indicationInternally installed charging and discharging power MOSP..


DC DC Adjustable Buck Converter Module LM2596S

This DC-DC module uses the step-down switching regulator LM2596S to provide a stable power supply ..


DC DC Automatic Step Up-down Power Module 2.5~15V to 3.3V 600mA

This power module contains the function of automatic buck-boost and integrates with the related circ..


DC DC Automatic Step Up-down Power Module 3~15V to 5V 600mA

This power module contains the function of automatic buck-boost and integrates with the related circ..


DC DC Buck Module XL4016E1 XH-M401 8A Regulator

QUICK SPECS:Product name: DC voltage regulatorRegulating mode: PWM modulationInput voltage: DC4-40VO..


DC DC Buck Power Module 5.5~28V to 3-3V 3A

This is a DC-DC buck-mode power module, with input voltage range 5.5~28V and fixed output voltage/cu..