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Infrared CO2 Sensor Analog For Arduino 0~5000 ppm Gravity

The concentration of carbon dioxide (0.03% usuallly) is related to daily life. Recently, there’s a s..


Infrared Distance Analog Adjustable Sensor Gravity

This is an infrared distance switch. It has an adjustable detection range, 3cm - 80cm.  It is s..


Infrared Motion Sensor PIR Arduino Digital Gravity

This is a simple to use arduino motion sensor. Power it up and wait 1-2 seconds for the sensor to ge..


Infrared Receiver

The Infrared Receiver is used to receive infrared signals and also used for remote control detection..


Infrared Reflective Sensor Grove

Infrared Reflective Sensor Grove. The reflectivity of infrared light varies with the color and dista..


Infrared Remote Control 8 Channel Module with Digital Output

The infrared receiver is hardware that sends information from an infrared remote control to another ..


Infrared Remote Smart Control IR Module

The module contains 4 infrared transmitters and an integrated infrared receiver. The four infrared t..


Infrared Sensor Adjustable Switch 3 - 80cm

The Infrared Sensor Adjustable Switch 3 - 80cm is a sensor pack of transmitter and receiver in ..


Infrared Thermometer MLX90614 Breakout Board

This is a MELEXIS MLX90614ESF-BAA-000-TU-ND non-contact infrared thermometer for use with Arduino, o..


Infrared Tiny Adjustable 3 - 100cm Sensor Switch

  This is a new version of infrared distance switch. It has small size and higher ranging, it ..


Infrared Transmitter Receiver UART for Arduino NEC

An easy way to turn your Arduino board into a remote control or IR receiver. It has a built-in MCU, ..


IR Infrared LED 5mm 940nm 5PCS

QUICK SPECS:Dominant Wavelength: 940nmEmitted Color:  Infrared ReceivingForward Voltage (V) : 1..


IR Infrared Remote Control Relay 8 Channel Module for Arduino

This item is a infrared relay module with remote control. With 8 channel and LED status indicator, i..


IR Receiver Digital Module Gravity

IR Receiver Digital Module Gravity. Infrared devices are widely used, and often for remote controlle..


IR Transmitter Module Digital Gravity

An infrared transmitter is simply a Light Emitting Diode which generates IR light (invisible IR ligh..


Line Tracking Sensor 4 Channel Module

QUICK SPECS:Working voltage: DC 3.3V-5VWorking current: try to choose more than 1A power supplyWorki..


Line Tracking Sensor 5 Channel Module

Do you want to effectively make a line following robot? Not a big deal with this 5 channel line trac..


Temperature Contact-less Infrared Thermopile Sensor Breakout TMP006

Unlike all the other temperature sensors we have, this breakout has a really cool IR sensor from TI ..


Temperature Contact-less Infrared Thermopile Sensor Breakout TMP007

Unlike most of the other temperature sensors we have, this breakout has a really cool IR sensor from..


Temperature Infrared Thermometer Module

The TNm infrared thermometer module is is a long distance thermometer specially designed for a high ..


TV-B-Gone Kit - Universal v1.2

When we were putting together the TV-B-Gone kit, we started imagining a dystopian future, ..


Wireless Remote Control with Infrared IR Receiver

You get a Infrared receiver on a PCB with three female to female cables, one infrared transmitter an..


Temperature Infrared Sensor Grove

This Grove-Infrared temperature sensor is a non-contact temperature measure model.The sensor is co..