Let your Arduino project make sign to you! Interface your Arduino project with LCD or TFT screens to add visual feedback. We sell easy to use TFT, LCD and other display related good for Arduino now available in the Philippines 

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TFT FeatherWing 3.5" 480x320 Touchscreen for Feathers Adafruit

Spice up your Feather project with a beautiful 3.5" touchscreen display shield with built in microSD..


TFT LCD 1.44" 128x 128 with SPI Interface

This 1.44 inches TFT LCD from Elecrow has a 128 x 128 resolution display that uses SPI communication..


TFT LCD 240x320 2.8" Module ILI9341

Are you looking for an LCD that has a touch input, as well as display a wide range of colors and cou..


TFT LCD Color Display 1.44" with MicroSD Card breakout ST7735R Adafruit

This lovely little display breakout is the best way to add a small, colorful and bright display to a..


Touchscreen Display Pi 7" Foundation Display for Raspberry Pi

The 7” Touchscreen Display for Raspberry Pi gives users the ability to create all-in-one, integrated..


Triple Digit Numeric Display 0.56" Red Common Cathode

This is a basic, 3-digit 7-segment display - red in color. It's common cathode. The display features..


USB+Serial Backpack Kit with 16x2 RGB backlight positive LCD Black on RGB

Adding a character display to your project or computer has never been easier with the new Adafruit U..