Pro Mini Atmega328 8Mhz Arduino Compatible

Pro Mini Atmega328 8Mhz Arduino Compatible

This board is so sturdy that it could do what an Arduino Uno can, but with a smaller form factor.

This Arduino board uses the ATmega328P CPU. This board includes 14 digital I/O pins, with 6 of it having PWM controls, 6 analog I/O pins, an on-board resonator with 0.5% tolerance, a reset button. This board runs on 8mHz frequency. 

It does not have a USB compatibility, which makes programming a little tedious, as an FTDI board is needed to perform programming. It also has reverse polarity protection.

This board is programmable with the use of a USB-to-Serial converter. 

This microcontroller board comes with 2 sets of unsoldered male headers, a 12-pin, and a 6-pin. Instead of using these headers, you could solder wires directly into the board's solder pads.

This board is ideal for projects that require a small fit, like portable and wearable prototypes.

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Pro Mini Atmega328 8Mhz Arduino Compatible

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