Coulomb Counter Breakout LTC4150

Coulomb Counter Breakout LTC4150

This module is based on the LTC4150 chip. The LTC4150 monitors power consumption and charging in portable devices like a laptop. It uses an external sense resistor that connects between the load and the positive terminal of the battery. A voltage to frequency converter transforms the current sense voltage signal into a series of output pulses at the interrupt pin. To illustrate, it works like this: Suppose you intend it to monitor 1A/hr consumption. Every time, the device consumes 1A/hr, the LTC4150 sends a pulse. 

In order to use this board, you need to connect your battery to the JST connecter for the INPUT pins on the right side of the board. Similarly, your load must be connected on the OUTPUT pins on the right. The 6 pins on the base of the breakout are for your microcontroller.


  • Operating Voltage: 2.7V - 8.5V
  • Operating Current: 1A
  • Indicates Charge Quantity and Polarity
  • ±50mV Sense Voltage Range
  • 32.55Hz/V Charge Count Frequency
  • 1.5μA Shutdown Current

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Coulomb Counter Breakout LTC4150

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